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No life-changing journal entries lately...

Well, nothing life-changing's been happening, really. It's break. I'm spending all day asleep, pretty much. Ugh. I hate it, but I love it. And I'm finishing a great many Terry Pratchett novels, because they are like mind candy. Gobble, gobble.

And I've discovered that my favorite Discworld novels are the ones about the Watch. I love Sam Vimes, pretty much. How can you not like his character? He just... prods major buttock. And when you get him and Vetinari together, they play off of each other so easily! It's so nice. It's so vivid. It's so easy to imagine.

And, now that I've finished Men At Arms, I'm telling myself that I should really try making a greater dent in The Hobbit tonight so I can be reading The Fellowship of the Ring before next week. Which would be nice. Except that wading through Tolkien is like... well... wading through Tolkien. As my mother put it, "What is this man going on about? Where's the plot?"

And she's the woman who wanted me to read it in the first place... Still, I feel sufficiently guilty trying to write his characters without having read his books. So, off we go.

Well, that and the fact that all my ideas made for the window...

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