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I'm actually writing during my lunch period. How queer is that? I just got finished with English class, and now Amy and I are puttering around on the computers in the Colonel room.

Still no sign yet, by the way, of whether I'll be allowed to retain my position as the paper's cartoonist. Well, if they don't let me...then I simply have to say 'fuck 'em all'. I refuse to have anything to do with those people if they replace me with no substantial reason.

Anyway, I'm in an all and all shitty mood lately. Ever since last night I've been mulling over my own self-worth and my life as it is now. It didn't look very promising last night. I've started thinking seriously about how few people I'm able to be friends with. It doesn't feel like I can connect to many of the people I know now. Sometimes I wonder what it is about me that drives people away?

But that discussion I'll save for later. I have a Latin Club officers meeting to go to.

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