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Today I ...
1. Woke up.
2. Cooked ramen and a sad looking chicken patty.
3. Added to my gum wrapper chain.
4. Got spit on by Elijah Wood, Jude Law, Ewan MacGregor, Ben Affleck, and just about any male actor that Stef thinks is hot.
5. Contemplated wearing flip-flops out in the snow because I couldn't find my sneakers.

5 Facts About Me ...
1. When I was in eighth grade, Anya and I got booed offstage while trying to sing "Twist and Shout" karaoke-style with (by 300 college kids, no less).
2. As a little, little girl I used to insist on wearing dresses and skirts all the time (and this is funny, because it takes a lot to get me to wear a skirt now).
3. I just wanna be a rock star.
4. I just wanna get laid.
5. I used to want to be an actor (perish the thought!)

5 Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die ...
1. Have a career that I can live off of.
2. Earn a certain amount of cult noteriety (but not outright fame).
3. Travel.
4. Get up onstage for "Rock Star" (so close! Yet so far away...)
5. Seduce someone or other. I'm flexible.

5 Actors/Actresses I Love... (And subject to change)
1. Elijah Wood.
2. Josh Charles.
3. Diane Keaton.
4. Nicole Kidman.
5. Jason Mewes.

10 Movies I Love ...
1. Love and Death.
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas.
3. Snatch.
4. Young Frankenstein.
5. Pet Semetary.
6. Harry Potter.
7. Lord of the Rings.
8. Shrek.
9. Chicken Run.
10. The Silence of the Lambs.

Name Your Fav Band/Artist That Starts w/ Each Letter, runner(s) up in []

A - American Hi-Fi
B - Beatles [Barenaked Ladies]
C - Colorfinger [Cheap Trick]
D - Dandy Warhols
E - Everclear
F - Foo Fighters [Frank Sinatra]
G - Green Day [Garbage]
H - Hendrix, Jimmy [Holly, Buddy, Harvey Danger]
I - Imbruglia, Natalie [Insane Clown Posse]
J - Jewel
K - Kinks
L - Live [Lifehouse, Linkin Park]
M - Morrisette, Alanis
N - Nirvana [No Doubt]
O - Offspring
P - Pink Floyd [Presidents of the United States of America]
Q - Queen
R - REM [Red Wanting Blue, Ramones]
S - Semisonic [Savage Garden, Smashing Pumpkins]
T - They Might Be Giants [Train]
U - U2
V - Verve Pipe
W - Weezer [Wheatus]
X - None, sadly...
Y - Yanckovic, Weird Al
Z - Zombie, Rob

I think I cheated a bit...

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