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04 January 2002 @ 10:34 pm
Drawing bunnies...  
They're biting again...

Havelock Vetinari (Discworld) back when he was 'Havelock' and not 'Lord'. *coughs* Assassin's Guild days, in other words. *grins* Been picturing a very suave and predatory Vetinari in a nice black suit.

Chibi me, a blanket, and some chibi hobbits. This is (in my head) the picture that will decorate my "I have moved!" page... Yeah, but it still needs to be drawn.

Wolfwood dipping Vash (^__^) I've already started this one, actually.

Vash and Knives as little kiddies (this is vague, huh?)

Something Remus. He's unhappy. *pulls Harry over* I had wanted to do a 'Little Red Riding Hood' illustration...

That Squall and Laguna chibi holiday thing *cringes* which is, as usual, late.

Modern day Aragorn. See, I already drew and painted modern day Legolas, so it must be Aragorn's turn (and, if you must know, Lego looks suspiciously like he came out of the eighties with a cat on his lap).

Frodo turning into a Gollum-like creature (and looking very unhappy about it too. I already have the line art done).

The X-Men: Evo short doujin. Actually, it's already drawn and inked. I'm just going to ink it again with my nice pen that works. Pain in the ass. Would also like to draw a stand-alone for that.

Trigun stand-alones and really short doujins (I'm thinking about making "O Brother", which was a Knives/Vash fic idea from a long time ago, into a short doujin, if I can].

And the amazing fantasy art juxtaposition that came out of my own mind (mostly): a dildo wearing lingerie. *crickets chirp* And some sortof caption about the state of America's love. *the crickets stop* What?

Gee, is that enough? O___O
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Current Music: Moses Hogan Chorale - Elijah Rock