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Y'know what makes me laugh?

When people who think they know me (but don't... at least not very well) are really surprised by the fact that my hands shake like mad. Most often it comes up when I'm sitting next to someone and trying to do something delicate.

Other person: Blahblahblah... holy shit! Look at your hands!

Me: Huh?

Other person: How come they shake like that?

Me: Oh... I dunno. They just do.

Other person: Whoa...

Mmmmm... think my shaking tonight is drug withdrawal. *unhappily goes and takes her medication* But I don't need it! I'm happy! *shakes head* Whoa... lightheaded. Withdrawal, indeed.

But I'll be going back to school soon. Then I'll be unhappy again.

My mum's thumb used to twitch kinda weird. But she thought that was because she inhaled a bit too much insecticide.

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