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More blahblahblah...

DScull264: Hello...
michgirlfriend1: hi
DScull264: Umm... gee. How was school?
michgirlfriend1: fine
michgirlfriend1: not much happening
michgirlfriend1: dzeda tearing away
DScull264: Yakyakyak. Hurray for freedom.
DScull264: Heh... for one day..
michgirlfriend1: what up with you
DScull264: My throat burns and my nose trickles.
DScull264: I have a cold.
michgirlfriend1: ohhhh
michgirlfriend1: nice
DScull264: Lovely as usual.
michgirlfriend1: as always
DScull264: I'm so lucky it came the day I was supposed to turn in the physics project too. Now I actually have it finished!
michgirlfriend1: thats good stuff
DScull264: I'm proud.
DScull264: I still have math, poetry and English, though. So, maybe not too proud.
michgirlfriend1: what english
DScull264: That grammar thingy we were supposed to do for today.
michgirlfriend1: we got a shitload of grammar hw today
michgirlfriend1: 4 pages and bookwork
DScull264: Ahhh... I kill that woman!>:o
michgirlfriend1: seriously
DScull264: Exams. Coming. Stop. Giving. Us. Work.
DScull264: Teach me about what that freaking change was when they converted to Christianity!
michgirlfriend1: my french teacher gave us a project due monday
DScull264: Urg...
DScull264: Your french teacher's such a dork...
michgirlfriend1: and its long and hard french crap.....
DScull264: Yuck.
michgirlfriend1: who gives projects the weekend before exams?
DScull264: Your french teacher?
michgirlfriend1: for those people who plan on studying(not me) its gonna kill them
DScull264: And you?
michgirlfriend1: and for those of us who belive the mind should be best left relaxing (me) its gonna suck having to work
DScull264: Minds should go one vacation.
michgirlfriend1: actually, i'll probably just do it in physics
DScull264: Haha..
michgirlfriend1: abd take full advantage of freetranslator.com
DScull264: Physics is a great class for getting stuff done. Besides physics.
DScull264: Man, you are lucky to have that thing.
michgirlfriend1: sure as hell
DScull264: No, I have to learn to conjugate irregular latin verbs in the past and future now.
michgirlfriend1: now that sounds....fun
michgirlfriend1: hey, wanna hear a great third eye blind song?
DScull264: It's only fun because Michael asks a question every five minutes...
michgirlfriend1: i'll send it to yoiu
DScull264: Um... ok...sure.
michgirlfriend1: it really is cool
DScull264: Ok, go ahead.
DScull264: Oh... I totally forgot about that Adam Sandler song! I'll go find it...
michgirlfriend1: on the cd its only instrumental, but this version is unedited
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: its really good, i gotta find it i'm looking
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: hey, i gotta talk on the phone to finish my physics project, talk later
DScull264: Geez... you still haven't finished it?
DScull264: Ok...ok...
DScull264: Byebye...
michgirlfriend1: no that lab
DScull264: Oh, lab... Ok...
DScull264: Urg, more work.
michgirlfriend1: yep
DScull264: Life stinks.
michgirlfriend1: hey
DScull264: Hey...
michgirlfriend1: so let me try to find that file again
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: dude, augh!!!
DScull264: What?
michgirlfriend1: where is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DScull264: Uh-oh...
DScull264: Did it sprout little legs and run away?
michgirlfriend1: i can't remember the big file name that all the music stuff is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Um... ok...
michgirlfriend1: there needs to be a god damn search thing
DScull264: When you download something, where does it go?
michgirlfriend1: i acess it through winmx
DScull264: Oh, wait... are you using windows?
michgirlfriend1: and open it there
DScull264: You should have a search option.
michgirlfriend1: theres a big file name, but i don't know
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i can find it through that search
michgirlfriend1: but it doesn't tell me the file name
michgirlfriend1: of the big folder
DScull264: It should.
michgirlfriend1: well it doesn't
DScull264: If I search for something, it says it's in such and such folder and gives me the whole directory.
michgirlfriend1: i don't get that
DScull264: What do you get?
michgirlfriend1: just the file
DScull264: Just the file. Absolutely nothing around it. Blank, blah, nothing?
michgirlfriend1: yeah, it says its in the the c drive in documents\
michgirlfriend1: there are like hundreds of files in there
DScull264: And it's not just in documents.
michgirlfriend1: there are to many things
michgirlfriend1: augh!!!!
DScull264: I'll bet it's just floating in documents.
michgirlfriend1: i wish i could just remember
michgirlfriend1: no
michgirlfriend1: i can get it the same way i got the sandler clip
michgirlfriend1: provided i could remeber
DScull264: Then get it that way. Look for the Sandler clip and see if it gives you a location.
michgirlfriend1: :'(
michgirlfriend1: i'll get the same thing
michgirlfriend1: i need to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Are you sure?
michgirlfriend1: yep
DScull264: Cause you tried it?
michgirlfriend1: yep
DScull264: Ok. You see there's a little box under where you type in the search and it says search options.
michgirlfriend1 wants to send file Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion (full lyrics)(1).mp3: i found it!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Ummm... kay never mind.
michgirlfriend1: dude this is so cool
DScull264: What?
michgirlfriend1: its like very melodic and cool sounding, but then the lyrics are very straight forward abd harsh tell it like it is
DScull264: Ok.
michgirlfriend1: just wait
michgirlfriend1: did you listen to the sandler clip?
DScull264: Yeah, it was pretty funny.
michgirlfriend1: i like iot
michgirlfriend1: and i'm an idiot
DScull264: yeah...
DScull264: Why?
michgirlfriend1: well i wrote iot for it
michgirlfriend1: which looks like idiot to me.....
DScull264: Ahhhh...
DScull264: So it's the obvious this time and nothing subtle.
michgirlfriend1: yeah
DScull264: Cool.
michgirlfriend1: today like tim is talking about his reduction and ms. dzeda is looking all like bored
DScull264: Arrrgh... Sneezy...
michgirlfriend1: then he's like and here are my pics....
DScull264: Tim's boring.
michgirlfriend1: she like snaps up, jumps up, virtually grabs the paper away
michgirlfriend1: and starts tearing them apart
michgirlfriend1: it was ridculous
michgirlfriend1: shes like out for blood
DScull264: Heh... like what did she say?
michgirlfriend1: she told him grail looked like a squash
michgirlfriend1: and that he drew stick figures worse then marco
DScull264: Whoa... shit...
michgirlfriend1: and some other stuff, but i can't remember
DScull264 received c:\download\DScull264\Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion (full lyrics)(1).mp3.
michgirlfriend1: she tore apart the other two people who went to, but i don't really remember what she said
michgirlfriend1: i was telling lauren about it and the blimp thing, she thinks maybe she's not getting any
DScull264: Well, yeah. Because Mrs. Dzeda averages five insults a sentence....
DScull264: Haha... oh, that's funny.
michgirlfriend1: i'm like frankly, i'd rather not think about mr. dzeda having.....problems.....
michgirlfriend1: if you know what i mean
DScull264: Indeed. We found out he doesn't wear boxers in poetry class.
michgirlfriend1: oh my god
michgirlfriend1: but he does wear breifs right????
DScull264: I guess...
michgirlfriend1: do i want to know.......
DScull264: she didn't go any further...
michgirlfriend1: augh!!!!
michgirlfriend1: nasty thoughts.....
DScull264: That woman's a nut job...
DScull264: I don't know about Mr. D
michgirlfriend1: truly
michgirlfriend1: he is to
DScull264: Ok.
michgirlfriend1: he's like is that haircolor natural?
DScull264: Hah, funny.
michgirlfriend1: it reminds me of an old actress by the name....(i forgot)....she was a whore
DScull264: Oh my god.
michgirlfriend1: like who the hell tells you that
DScull264: That's just bad.
michgirlfriend1: no shit
michgirlfriend1: thanx, you remind me of a dick
DScull264: I don't think teachers are supposed to say things like that.
michgirlfriend1: but since you're having trouble with yours....
DScull264: Haha... ooh, that's funny...
michgirlfriend1: augh.....i hate that man so damn much.....
michgirlfriend1: and remember the whole art thing
DScull264: Right. Just wrong.
michgirlfriend1: exactly
michgirlfriend1: i don't know what i did....
michgirlfriend1: but i hate him so much
michgirlfriend1: i mean come on, i've got anya in my class
michgirlfriend1: how can he possibly like her better
DScull264: Does he like Anya?
michgirlfriend1: loves her
DScull264: Erg...
michgirlfriend1: she tells the class is boring and he tells her she has gut
michgirlfriend1: i say that first, months ago, and hes like, i'd rather no talk about that, read
DScull264: That's stupid. At least I wait until Mrs. Dzeda leaves the room to say she's an idiot.
michgirlfriend1: stupid man
michgirlfriend1: besides talk about whores
DScull264: Ha... well.
michgirlfriend1: can you even tell she wears a bra??????? hu?????
michgirlfriend1: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Maybe that's why Mrs. Dzeda isn't getting any...
michgirlfriend1: and who always talks about how big her boyfriends penis is
michgirlfriend1: i mean for god sakes
michgirlfriend1: yes, i know andrew has a huge penis
michgirlfriend1: shut up already!
DScull264: Oh, he does?
DScull264: I don't listen.
michgirlfriend1: yes
DScull264: Mmm... she's a little slut.
michgirlfriend1: apparently its very large
michgirlfriend1: but they haven't had sex yet
michgirlfriend1: her call
michgirlfriend1: she doesn't want to be his first
DScull264: Ah... right. So she knows this....
DScull264: Why?
michgirlfriend1: but she wants it so bad
DScull264: Ooh, give it to me Andrew!
michgirlfriend1: she doesn't want to mess him up
michgirlfriend1: like be a bad first
michgirlfriend1: cause hes so innocent
michgirlfriend1: all she talks about is him
michgirlfriend1: and his penis and arm muscles i swear
DScull264: Oh, fuck it. Does she really care that much?
michgirlfriend1: everyone in our cast is just like fuck him already
DScull264: Is he that great?
michgirlfriend1: hes okay looking
DScull264: Huh...
michgirlfriend1: not a big hotie, but not ivan
DScull264: Yeah, Ivan was kinda... yuck...
michgirlfriend1: for god sake, if you fuck ivan you can do this kid
DScull264: Right.
michgirlfriend1: i'm serious. if i have to hear it one more freaking time, i'll castrate him
michgirlfriend1: even if ot takes a really big knife to do so
DScull264: You should.
DScull264: And then Mr. Dzeda.
DScull264: I'll hold em down, you cut.
michgirlfriend1: i never want to see that man naked
michgirlfriend1: EVER
DScull264: Well, ok.
michgirlfriend1: NEVER EVER
DScull264: Strike it from the record, then
michgirlfriend1: already gone
DScull264: Good enough.
DScull264: Anything new?
michgirlfriend1: not much
michgirlfriend1: didya listen to that song?
DScull264: Oops...
michgirlfriend1: well....
DScull264: Ok, it's playing.
michgirlfriend1: good
DScull264: Pretty good. Very mellow.
michgirlfriend1: yes
michgirlfriend1: very atypical teb
michgirlfriend1: but still good
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: i like the mellow backdrop for the harsh lyrics alot
DScull264: Uh-huh.
michgirlfriend1: i'm looking at colleges right now
DScull264: Really?
michgirlfriend1: yep
DScull264: Which?
michgirlfriend1: been doing that a lot lately
DScull264: huh... I haven't.
michgirlfriend1: well, i'm really liking university of southern california, university of portland, and the university of california-sacramento
DScull264: Oh... cool.
michgirlfriend1: i'm really really really liking the first one the best
michgirlfriend1: but its kind of xclusive
DScull264: Ah.
DScull264: I know nothing.
michgirlfriend1: that kinda worries me
DScull264: Oh.
DScull264: But you aren't that bad.
michgirlfriend1: my test scores are great, but my grades have been slipping a bit
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: but i am really starting to fall in love with this place
michgirlfriend1: its got like everything i want
DScull264: Uhhuh...
DScull264: cool.
michgirlfriend1: location, good journalism program, california, near la, nice big city.....
michgirlfriend1: no ohio
michgirlfriend1: or people i know
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: but good concerts
DScull264: Uh... thanks...
DScull264: *blinks*
michgirlfriend1: thanks?
DScull264: *reads over "or people I know" part again"
michgirlfriend1: oh, well you know what i mean
DScull264: Sure.
michgirlfriend1: i'm gonna go play ec trivia now
michgirlfriend1: feel better
DScull264: Ah, thanks...
michgirlfriend1: but don't stress bout school
michgirlfriend1: its not worth coming if ya feel like shit
michgirlfriend1: it'll keep
DScull264: Go play, kick ass, and... um... dream about getting away from us cretins.
michgirlfriend1: will do
DScull264: Great. I think I'll be back tomorrow. If I'm not all... snotty still...
DScull264: Byebye...
michgirlfriend1: bye

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