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This is my stomach...

This is my stomach going *shakeshakeshakeshake*

Fucking crazy medication. I DO NOT APPRECIATE THIS! Hi. Ok.

I went to school today. I took exams. Well, I handed in my art exam and took my choir exam. Hah. Choir exam. See, what I actually know about music, you can fit into a peanut. I'm so ignorant. She asks this on every test: "What is a rallentando?" ... "Italian?" ... "Besides that. What does it mean?" ... "It's a kind of pasta, isn't it?"

Ok... I'm now officially a part of a role-playing game. Shit. O.o Holy mother-fucking crap. Ahhhhh! How does this work again? I'm confused... and scared! Help me...... help, oh lord and mothers of darkness, as I am confuzzled beyond all belief.

X-Men and X-Men: Evolution fans (Er... Mez, I think) especially will be amused to know that I'm Lance in an Evoslash RPG. Funny, huh? He likes Everclear now, cause I'm selfish...

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