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Conversing with Helena...

Shmidgick: Hey!
DScull264: Hi, again.
Shmidgick: did you have a good doctors visit?
DScull264: Not there yet... that's at five..
DScull264: All this running around... crazy...
Shmidgick: oh! I love you pic. in the bottoem of my little box!
Shmidgick: yeah, running around is crazy
DScull264: Little Frodo?
Shmidgick: yes
DScull264: Yeah, he's so good at being cute....
Shmidgick: yeah he is
Shmidgick: but I like Aragan and Sam better I think
DScull264: And your little Jewish icon... very peaceful. And Amy has an Everclear icon.
DScull264: Oh, Aragorn is so....mmmm...
Shmidgick: so cute! Everything is so cute I think
Shmidgick: yes....mmmm....
DScull264: Many things is cute...
Shmidgick: very hot?
DScull264: Hot, oh so hot.
Shmidgick: yes, I think very hot is an appropriate description
DScull264: Hehe...
Shmidgick: :-)
DScull264: Saw this little video where the guy playing Legolas ran up and gave Aragorn on the cheek! Eee! Awww... still, I wanna do that...
Shmidgick: So very attractive, I love fake people, it's so nice to be able to admire from SOOOOOOO far
Shmidgick: oh, so cute!
DScull264: Yes... it is very far away...
DScull264: Cute, cute, cute...
Shmidgick: yes, I want to see that movie again
DScull264: And then I feel guilty like "Whoa... actors. You don't really know what they're like. So superficial!" But then I shrug and say "Ah, well."
DScull264: Yes... I want to see it again too.
Shmidgick: yeah, if one has to be superficial it's better to be superficial with people who you don't see in real life, you know?
DScull264: Yes... being superficial with people five feet away is kinda pathetic.
Shmidgick: yeah it is
Shmidgick: yeah it is
DScull264: Ugh. *mental smacks to self* Bad me...
Shmidgick: It makes me feel like a loser, you know? Not a big one, yes a big one, but I think I'm overly romantic, so I'm not only being superficial, I'm being a silly naive highschool girl, that's when it's time for a smack
DScull264: A big smack. That's when you're making people out to be what they aren't. And then you get all disappointed when they aren't what you want them to be... *sniffles*
Shmidgick: yes, *smack!!!!*
Shmidgick: it's also like talkign toguys online
DScull264: Thanks.
DScull264: Oh, guys online!
Shmidgick: you can interpret everything they say in a .Oh my goodness, it's love! when it's just a silly interpretation
Shmidgick: you know?
DScull264: Yes...
Shmidgick: I hate it....I've made myself feel silly doing that
Shmidgick: with only one guy actually, but anyhow
DScull264: Or you try to have a relationship over the Internet, even a casual one, but real life just gets in the way.
Shmidgick: I've never tried that
DScull264: Well... tried. Kinda drifted apart because of personal life stuff. And we fought anyway.
Shmidgick: I think that I would feel silly, and maybe like, I don't know. Only with people do I know at least once in real life will I talk with on the internet
Shmidgick: Oh, that is so sad!
Shmidgick: I hate fighting
DScull264: It is... yeah, fighting's bad...
DScull264: Especially online. makes you feel like a real dope.
Shmidgick: before David adn I broke up we fought, and now we still fight, but we can't break up anymore, so it just getssilly
Shmidgick: yeah, I can imagine
DScull264: Heh... you can't break up anymore. That's so cute.
DScull264: I don't know why.
Shmidgick: Because it is!
Shmidgick: because it's true
Shmidgick: you can only break up with someone if you are dating them
DScull264: It's true. I'd like to break up with Ben sometimes, but in order to do that, I'd have to be dating him. And I don't want to do that.
Shmidgick: LOL!!!! nut!
DScull264: Now Ben and I... we fight. We eill always fight...
Shmidgick: heehee
Shmidgick: yes, fighting is so sad
Shmidgick: you want to break up with him, but you aren't dating, adn you fight anywyas
Shmidgick: yes
DScull264: Yes. I feel the same way about Justin Herman.
DScull264: Except I want to secede from him.
Shmidgick: somtimes it would be nice to break up with friends, but it isn't like dating when you can stop dating and sstill be friends, once you break up with a friend, you can't be their friends either, and that is bad business
Shmidgick: Justin Herman is a nut case I think
DScull264: He's craaaazy.
DScull264: And that's true...
DScull264: Friendship is hard.
Shmidgick: heehee!
DScull264: That boy...
Shmidgick: yes, a little bit, but not so much
Shmidgick: he is crazy
DScull264: Justin is the kind of person who will complain about habing to do something all by himself, but if you try to help he won't let you...
Shmidgick: he likes homemade french fries
DScull264: He's chewy...
Shmidgick: chewy?!
DScull264: Um...
DScull264: wrong french fries.
Shmidgick: I won't ask...
DScull264: I wouldn't...
DScull264: He'd curly?
Shmidgick: what are you talking about?!
Shmidgick: I'm so lost and confused
DScull264: Oh wait... he's curly!
DScull264: Sorry... typo...
Shmidgick: LOL!

Shmidgick: this is crazy
DScull264: Mmm... but then it's about Justin/
Shmidgick: yes
Shmidgick: I think you also might be a little crazy
Shmidgick: just a little thoug :-)
DScull264: Just a little. it wouldn't hurt. But aren't we all a little mad, those who don the cap and bells...?
Shmidgick: yes
DScull264: ANd it's a good thing too.
Shmidgick: It's like the Shakepeare, but I bet it's not
DScull264: Otherwise it wouldn't be interesting...
Shmidgick: no, it wouldn
Shmidgick: t
DScull264: Gotta think about it that way...
Shmidgick: yes
Shmidgick: it's like when things in your house and everything go craazy
Shmidgick: that's also to keep things interesting
DScull264: Things?
DScull264: What things?
Shmidgick: life things
DScull264: Hmmm...
Shmidgick: hmmm....?
DScull264: I think I understand...
Shmidgick: yes.....
DScull264: People are there to keep stuff interesting and be interesting. And annoying. But interesting too.
Shmidgick: annoying is interesting
Shmidgick: just annoyong also
DScull264: Yes.
Shmidgick: :-)
Shmidgick: yes
DScull264: From a distance it can be interesting.
DScull264: Or to someone else...
Shmidgick: yes, but up close you are like...hmmm....that is annoying!
DScull264: Very scientific, we are...
Shmidgick: yes we are....we are using processes and everything
DScull264: Indeed...
Shmidgick: lol....
Shmidgick: yes...
DScull264: Ok... I gotta fly...
DScull264: And go to the dr...
Shmidgick: have fun with the dr!
DScull264: See you tomorrow, ok?
Shmidgick: I'll not see you tomorrow, I'll seee you sometime
DScull264: Sometime... I can live with it...
Shmidgick: on the online if not in person
DScull264: Ok. Cool.
Shmidgick: cool....8-)
DScull264: Heh... shades... byebye...
Shmidgick: bye!

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