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18 January 2002 @ 10:04 pm
Meep, meep...  
Thought... "Clueless" slash? Josh and Christian? Well... they're both cute... but is it worth the time that I'm not putting into anything else... ?

O.o;; I dunno...

What Flavour Are You? Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.</b>

I have a spicy personality. If you can take the heat, you'll love me, if not, I'll probably make you cry. I am not for the faint-hearted. What Flavour Are You?

Take the Which Radiohead Album are you? Quiz.

Many may find you boring and whiny, or perhaps even stupid. You're really not so bad. But the fact is that you don't always 'compete' with your peers. Really smart people might bother you. You know you're angry, but you're not entirely sure why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. When you get all fired up, you can turn your anger into great things! Maybe even a song you'll grow to hate! Otherwise, people tend to be unimpressed by you, but deep down inside you're sensitive and still smarter than non-Radiohead albums. It's just the 1990's grunge influence getting under your skin.

*I hate Radiohead. So... fuck you bastards. I'll be who I want to be, like what I want to be, and no be an anarchist/conformist. Ha!

And Everclear's "World of Noise" is smarter than whatever Radiohead has done.
Current Mood: discontent