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Neglected poetry I just got back...

Ah... the end of poetry 101... resume your normal lives now, thanks...

Limericks (Or... "why do I bother?")

There once was a student named Stephanie
Who didn't particularly want to be
'Cause time after time
Her name would not rhyme
With anything besides "Step on me".

A man took an oath which a vowed
That he would no more speak aloud
In the day he was mute
His wife gave him the boot
With excuse that "You reaped what you sowed"

A man had a dog that could say
And recognize the alphabet-ay (Pig Latin is a handy rhyming device)
Sure, he was learned
But around he'd get turned
"Dumb mutt! I give you 'F' you see 'K'!"

And I have more... O.o

out of pity or regret

people sometimes laugh at me because I am not
afraid to tell the truth
i wonder why it's so funny
honesty is fucking hilarious
at least i can take these ribbings in stride
when people make jokes about the person i am
and part of me i choose not to keep hidden
because i am not afraid of a little bloodshed
or the sting of a razor blade
i know that deep cuts hurt less
than shallow, surface wounds
and i know that shallow, surface people will talk
sometimes it makes me think about what it would be like to kill someone
whether it be them or me
doesn't really matter
is this bravery?
that i can speak so freely about what i think
is this what i think?
because i write things in the first person
does that make them true?
i wonder
some of these thoughts might scare me
if i had them
i wonder
can you scare me anymore?
startle or disgust me?
i think the best you can do
is make me what to turn my head away
out of pity or regret

Behold the worm
blind and hairless like a unborn kitten
crawling through the tunnels it has crafted
like a train in the underground
following the track of a thousand callings
in the bleak and utter blackness
he who sees without eyes
feels without nerves
thinks without brain
and acts upon instinct
that tells him to feed
and to procreate
and create a lineage in the dirt
that swallows his minions
like sugar candies

Without feeling
without seeing
without knowing


-Good! A nice variety of imagery, good select diction, and delightfully different subject. ^_^ I like the structure, short, no punctuation, just a long line that echoes the subject neatly. Overall, a skillful, tught piece! -SARAH
-This is read good -I enjoyed it- (unrelated message) Anyway, this poem embodies a great feeling.
-I think you capture the worm really well and good description. I liked it.- OMAR
- Woms are weird. You capture them well, though. - Reasa
- I know exactly what you're talking about in the poem, it makesa point. I like it!- M.L.
- This is sweet- I like the "feels without nerves, thinks without brains and acts...". The whole poem is great... (unrelated)

poetic justice

hey, whoops, i'm sorry
did you ask me for a name?
i forgot mine, can i have yours?
ooh, my whole body's shakin'
and i think it's the medication
shut up, chew your gum, and keep walking, sister
cause you'll never get into my head
or into my bed
chokin' with the notion of the motion of the ocean
i never warned you about the jellyfish
or their powerful sting
minty fresh and powerful
just a little punk kid without the punk
assassinate, return to state
and make it all better before i do
in a few years
lemme look you up in the telephone book
meet for coffee and get a good look at the way things changed

Word Collage Poem (I dunno what else to call it... I cut all the words and phrases out of magazines)

Often unsung
Is it a miracle pill?
Delicious punctuation
What do prairie dogs discuss?
ignorance among working-class white people
Huh? What did he say?
In Bella Freud's film, a Japanese guy wears inflatable underpants amid a bevy of models
Jesus saves, but the Pope sells
fairy princess
In technicolor brilliance
No shoes
No service
The took our things
Now it is our turn to take their things
It's a sick story
A holocaust had hit the shelter
He died six days later
Silent witness
Agnus Dei

Red (me and my original titles...)

Fresh blood of ages
Cherry tongues teasing
lips of waxy rose
Ladybugs in transit
lumenescent in the sun
Contrast the black widow's
secret hourglass
Soft fox fur shifting
through forest shadows
And the cool, liquid stare
of the polished ruby gem
Communist hammer and sickle
and flags that brought us such fear
Diamonds and hearts
in a game of cards
Like cardinals in attendance
of a great, white Pope
Herrings to lead amatuer detectives
to false graves
Perpetuated by a stop sign
they did not see
Meat, peppers, lobster shells
discarded remnants of a meal enjoyed
Barren like the dusty surface of Mars
with faces carved in
The Scarlet Ibis flies
watchful eyes of dead albinos
Rolling in their sockets like waves
in the sea of vermilion
Children's cheeks windblown by the winter tempest
numb, stung by Jack's fingers
While waiting for the impressive St. Nicholas
and his faithful bucks to visit their home
Bricks through innocent windows
thrown in anger
Apples picked fresh
from the orchard
And old, ratty Converse tennies
with Mickey Mouse on them.

They are all red like my hair.


-"They are all red like my hair". That's my favorite... and the Jack Frost one. I don't even know we critique it but yea great job. ~ Reasa
- I really like some of your lines and how you tied it all together neatly. ^_^ -SARAH
- I like, ~Very Good~ I wish I had your imagery!- JM
-I really like it! It gives a different, mysterious feeling. I think it's awesome.- M.L.
-I love the images. Wow!- L.W.-

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