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19 January 2002 @ 08:28 pm
Thay say it's your birthday (durnurnurnurnurnur)  

I finished it! It may be late, it it's finished! ^__^ And, yes, those are little LotR action figures they're playing with. I figure Scott would be "Gandalf! Minemineminemine!"

Anyway... Happy birthday? ^^;
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: 'Losing My Religion'- R.E.M.
Meredithsillypants on January 19th, 2002 06:06 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh -- that is so too perfect :) I love it. Thank you so much -- argh, it seems like such a waste that something so pretty was just for my birthday... thanks so much for the effort and work you put in too, and I could NOT be happier with the end result :) Thanks heaps again and *hugs* Wheee! All happy now :)

PS -- Oh yeah. And Scott would so be grabby with his Gandalf -- figures Kurt would be playing with Legolas, too ;)
DrWormdrworm on January 19th, 2002 06:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Wheeee!!
Hey, I'm glad you like it. ^^ I'm still fighting with Scott over the top of his head, however... Neither one of us likes the way it looks... >.o

Scott: I'm Gandalf! I'm the leader! *lalala*

Kurt: Riii-iiight...

And feel free to link to it or do whatever... I don't mind at all.
Meredithsillypants on January 19th, 2002 07:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Wheeee!!
Coolies, thanks!

Heh -- I can't see anything wrong with his head, but I'm sure Scott would find something to worry over :)

Kurt: Die, bad orc! *bashes*
Scott: Kurt, please me more careful with my things... they're not indestructible you know...
Kurt: ...
Meredithsillypants on January 19th, 2002 06:10 pm (UTC)
oh yeah...
forgot to ask -- s'all right if I put a link to that in my journal?