DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

"I was adopted." Lance's eyes widened in surprise. [i]Whoa... I didn't see that coming...

Then how did... who is... why...?[/i]

"But I still loved 'em, ya know? They loved me too..." Lance nodded and sighed. Yes, of course Pietro's foster parents had loved him. It was all a part of the great, cosmic deal... wasn't it? [i]So he'd never understand... Well, you never expected anyone to understand before...

They loved him. And now they're dead. Life is so tragic that way.[/i]

"Then my real father showed up..."

Lance looked down at Pietro, curled tightly into himself, speaking and shaking. He found himself tuning out the words and listening to the emotions instead. Fear, anger, grief, shame... [i]He reminds me of... something. A story. A... legend? A fable... a thing... a...

Quicksilver. Not Quicksilver as his codename, but the legend of Quicksilver. What'd he do? She do...

She was a ghost. A poltergeist. A happy poltergeist who just played funny tricks on people, not like the mean one in that freaky movie.

That's like Pietro. because he's... insubstantial. Because he's always moving so fast. Like a ghost. Yeah. And now... now he's solid.

And it's so weird.[/i]

Lance smiled at the thought of Pietro the ghost and looked down. His hand was still on Pietro's back and it felt reassuringly warm and solid. Like a real person.

"He's been missing for weeks, ever since Aster--" Lance looked back down at Pietro when he caught the beginnings of the word "asteroid". His eyes narrowed. [i]Was he going to say... Asteroid M?[/i]

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