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Beedah! Beedah, beedah, beeeeeedddddaaaaaa!

Goddammit. My head hurts. As usual. I have some majorly weird medical/psychological shit going on. I have a constant headache and am also exhausted. It's so frustrating. And there seems to be nothing to do about it.
Went to rehearsal today for the *new* play, which Ryan is an actor in. For joy! But his girlfriend's the director, so that makes things more...difficult. But, I'm sure he's not thinking about fucking me at all, which is probably a good thing. *languishes in her sexual fantasies* Damn. He called me by my real name, though. Twice today. He usually calls me 'Snet', which is a nickname for my character in the play he's directing. Unfortunately, the abbreviation of my name sounds almost exactly the same ^^;; It took me a minute to figure it out. And when he passes by, he ruffles my hair. *sighs with little anime-style stars in her eyes* Ryan! I'm madly in lust with you! Fwaaaa! Pay attention to me!
Not like he doesn't already ^___^; I kinda wonder whether I'm beginning to be his favorite.
Probably not. I'm just kidding myself now, I think.
His acting style is so...unique. It takes me awhile to get used to. As nice as he is, his voice is wee bit strange. Very...witty and sarcastic sounding, I guess. Kinda weird. And I'm used to these plays being done deadpan...he really takes it over the top. Weird, eh?
I play Mrs. Trotsky in 'Variantions on the Death of Trotsky' by David Ives. Shit >.< I hate being little, old, Russian women. I just did a Russian accent for 'Fools' by Neil Simon. Luckily there it was more of a stretch; I played a little, old, Russian man.
Gahhh! Fucker-nutters! >.< Do we like my new little personal picture? Is Vash...upside down. Kinda how I'm feeling now. I got bored of the Professor Tomoe image, although I love him dearly.
One more day of summer school. And it's actually only a half day because it should be an exam day. But, no. My teacher didn't give us a midterm either. We just take our weekly test (on Watergate and Vietnam, this time) and then finish the movie 'Thirteen Days'. Not too bad a movie either. Even if it is the second Kevin Costner movie we watched, after 'The Untouchables'. Well, we watched two Morgan Freeman movies in a row, so... ('Glory' and 'Unforgiven').
Sighs...my life is not exciting at all. I practically have to bribe Amy to come to the play. >.< Her bait is getting to see/meet Ryan. She's curious because I'm so enamoured with him and keep going on and on and on...she usually hates my taste in men, but this time thought he sounded cute.
She's not allowed to steal him, though >.< She promised and I'm holding her to it, dammit! Not that she really has that much more of a chance than I do...but...Amy's so pretty and I'm just not...
So...I just started working on my Wolfwood/Vash Trigun fic. ^^; Which is interesting because I haven't actually seen Trigun yet. Still...PWP?s require little attention to detail anyway. It's to the tune of 'My Sexual Life' (Everclear, as it always is...I promise I'll find something different soon). It's a good song for this type of fic. I'm also working on a sort-of short Vash-comic. It's dopey...
Ok...good time to go, eh?

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