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This sucks...

I'm bored. I'm lethargic. And my head hurts, hurts, hurts...

Oh... and I'm unbelieveably whiney. ^_^;; Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa... somebody call the WHAAAmbulance!

And if I ever quote Justin again, I want someone to shoot me.

By the way, that play-writing workshop was actually pretty fun. First of all, Amy wasn't in it. So I didn't have to pretend anything. Secondly, Sarah was in it, so I had someone to talk to to. And the guy was great! He was really cool... I definitely liked him.

I think I actually liked it more than I thought it would because it focused on storytelling and writing devices and not on acting and actors.

Boo! Actors suck! I can now say this, as I no longer am one...

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