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I am bored...

Oh, just generally bored. Hanging out again during lunch (this'll probably become my big update time, until the TWE kids block LiveJournal from these computers). Amy was frustrated trying to print, but now I think she's just frustrated because she can't find any concert ticket info for Mint OR for Everclear.

Poor Amy...

I have to write a poem. Every line has to focus on a successive letter of the alphabet. So far I'm still on the 'A's and only have eight words. I was just going through the dictionary and randomly picking out words I liked.

Here is my poem:

Anonymous aristocrats anesthetize apocalypse
Anthrax affects anoxic arsenals

Do we like? I like. There are only two words that I'm dead set on using: beaurocracy and pederasty.

^_^ I know, I know. Pederasty means nasty things. It's still my favorite word.

For some reason, (no, I KNOW why) I'm taking extreme pleasure in Squall yelling out 'Daddy!' while having sex with Laguna. Oh man... BlackRose is going to kill me >____< Or maybe she'll just chastise Squall because it's all his fault.

Squall: It's not my fault. I take no responsibility for what goes on in your head.

Me: Well, fine.

Squall: Good.

Me: Great.

Vash: Excellent.

Me: Where'd you come from?

Vash: That lovely Trigun DVD you watched last night.

Me: Ahhh...

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