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Mucking about...

Quite literally. >.< Ugh. If Stef's going to spend the night over here after Princess Bride, I need to have someplace for her to sleep. And it probably shouldn't smell too weird. So I'm cleaning... of my own free will.

I hate cleaning. I think it's because I'm so bad at it. I'm really horrible. People come into rooms I've recently cleaned and say things like "Well, I guess you're still working, huh?"

Actually, that's usually people like my grandmother. How pathetic are we? We cleaned the house up as nice as is possible for us when she came to visit. And as soon as she got here, I swear she started cleaning even more! It was... embarrassing. For us, not her. She was happy. We felt silly.

Austin Powers character selector

# 1 Scott Evil
# 2 Dr. Evil
# 3 Felecity Shagwell
# 4 Ivanna Humpalot
# 5 Mini Me

Rocky Horror selector

# 1 Riff-Raff
# 2 Magenta
# 3 Dr. Scott
# 4 Eddie
# 5 the Criminologist

Jim Carrey selector

# 1 Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Dective)
# 2 The Cable Guy (The Cable Guy)
# 3 The Riddler (Batman Forever)
# 4 Hank (Me, Myself and Irene)
# 5 Wiplok (Earth Girls Are Easy)

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