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Squall's sexuality, take one...

Me: You are such an uke.

Squall: I am not.

Me: Please. You're practically a pussy when it comes to relationships.

Squall: ...did you mean that in an anatomical sense?

Me: Um...

Squall: Because I don't want to be compared to the vagina.

Me: Umm...here, why don't you take the Straight Acting test at straightacting.com?

Squall: You mean why don't *you* take the test for me and approximate my answers so they come out the way you want they to?

Me: Yeah, pretty much...

Squall's score is: How Do You Rate?

Squall: Level 2? What does that mean?

Me: It means ... *reads from site* "Hardly anyone would be able to pick you as a homo boy. All your actions are carefully crafted in a way that they never appear to be considered too fem. Only a fellow level 2 -- buddy might suspect you with the proper gaydar and it's just the way you like it."

Squall: Oh, that's just great then.

Vash: What's my score?

Me: Let's see...

Vash's score is: How Do You Rate?

Vash: Is a six bad?

Me: It says that... "People are starting to place bets that you are gay. You do a lot of things and have a lot of behaviors that are the stereotypical gay feminine traits. You enjoy exploring your feminine side. Most people just assume you are gay, and go on with it, which is just fine with you."

Vash: WHAT!? O.o;; When am I the least bit feminine?

Me: Well, I don't think this test compensates for over friendly, affectionate, pacifist behavior.

Vash: Harumph.

Squall: Wait a second...gaydar?

Me: Ummm...until next time folks (psst! I get to go see Mint tonight in concert)!

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