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29 January 2002 @ 11:39 am
Smartness me not...  
Riii-iiight. So I brought my cd player... and the batteries didn't work. Mrrrraaaaah! Maddening! I want to scream!

No... I just want batteries. Should've checked them before I left the house. Dammit... and I thought about it too! I just didn't do it...

I'm an idiot.

And Amy actually talked to me in English today. Well... not real talking. But I was babbling about Ryan to Anya and she overheard and asked if it was last weekend, etc... and also whether that was the play Mike was talking about? Pfff... I dunno. And which Mike did she mean? Heh... that just occured to me. Maybe it was then... I didn't think about it.

So... major step forward there. Maybe.

And I feel sort of icky. Arrgh. Fat. Unhappy. I hate this feeling so much! And it depresses me because I don't feel like I have the discipline or freedom to start exercising and eating right, etc.

O.o;; Someone just called for Mr. Haney. He's not here. I dunno how you call the art room! I'm scared and embarrassed. Ahhhh! Help!
Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed