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Y'know what's funny...?

This is my idiosyncrasy that I wanted to point out last night. I think. And, yes... I guess I made up the word 'idiosyncricity'. ^^;; It looked right to me...

Ok... so, I associate people with their little personal icons. And I know it's what you're supposed to do, but... I think I take it to an extreme. I think some part of my mind expects Rose to be a little pink bunny in real life. And Kemmy to look like Wolfwood. And...

Well... che... you get the idea. Hell, if I didn't know Brandita in real life, I'd expect her to look like her little... creature. Yeah...

Does anyone else do this? I'm more of a visual person, so I tend to associate people with images fairly quickly. Heh... does anyone here associate spinning!Vash with me?

Because that'd make me laugh...

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