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31 January 2002 @ 11:45 am
La, la, la...  
"What a wonder is a gun? What a versatile invention! First of all, when you've a gun-" (he points the gun at the audience. There is a very long pause) "Everybody pays attention!"
- "Assassins"

I'm trying to put down every one of my favorite quotes from that play. Grrr... it'd be easier if I had the actual script, but all I have is what came with the cd. I'd really like the book. I want Czolgosz's speech about the working conditions in the factories. Good, good speech.

This play actually makes me want to go back to Speech and Debate next year... just so I can take this into Dramatic interp. Arrrgh... but that means dealing with all the shit...

Not fair! I want a decent coach!
Current Mood: bitchybitchy