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Ok, so this is just disgustingly cute:


Added a couple of nifty people to my friends list. *waves frantically* Hi! How's it going?

Anybody else think that would make a good horror movie?

Carbonated Beverage Are You?

I'm Gollum!

I am Gollum, my precioooouuuussssssm a ravenousssss wee bassssstard who livesssses in cavesssses and enjoyssses collecting All Powerful and Magical Ringssses, preciouuuussss, which posssseeesssss power enough to dominate all of Middle-Earth and itsss inhabitentsss of every dessscription. Hey, everybody needsss a hobby.

Click here to find out which character you are!


I'm Cave-Troll!

I am a Cave-Troll like the Cave-Troll of Moira. I'm repulsive and obese and people often shoot arrows into my throat when I try to say hello. Sometimes I... just feel... so...so misunderstood that I have to reach out and touch someone... with a spear. Eh-heh-heh, come closer, Frodo...

Click here to find out which species you are!

I'm Rivendell!

I would stay in Rivendell where I would hide away from the rest of the world and often attack visitors and relatives with mighty floods in the shape of horses, or at least computer graphics. But everyone would like me anyway (naturally) because I have good taste in decorating.

Click here to find out where you would live

I'm Sean Astin!

I am Sean Astin, the cute and squishy one and a fabaroonie child star. I had to put on weight to play the part of Sam and I am NOT a HAPPY BUNNY! I may well kill Peter Jackson in the night. Why, I can never look at a Shepard's Pie the same way again...

Click here to find out which actor you are!


i am voldemort!

You are a JAMES POTTER to Harry! The father he never had, the father he wishes he knew. You're more of a fatherly type to people. You're kind, loyal, unbiased and just an over all "gosh-golly-shucks" kind of guy. Everyone likes you, and you like ev- well, almost everyone. BUT! You are mischieveous at times and you do know how to party ;D

Which adult in Harrys life are YOU?

Bah... no Remus, so I just ganked James. >.


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