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Boredom is dangerous...

5 things that scare you:
1. Loneliness
2. Failure
3. Illness
4. Random chance/accidents
5. Large groups of people

5 things that make you laugh:
1. Stef
2. "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
3. Parodies of pretty much everything
4. Jason in Pre-Calc and Physics
5. Dr. Secaur

5 things you love:
1. Drawing
2. Movies
3. Writing
4. Ryan (^_^;;)
5. Random idiots!

5 things you hate:
1. School (for the most part)
2. My hair
3. Pastel colors
4. Scented candles
5. Radiohead (Gaaaarrrrgh!)

5 things you don't understand:
1. People
2. Why Mrs. Dzeda never seems to breathe!
3. Latin past and future verbs (well, according to Mr. Susel I don't)
4. "Being John Malkovich". I admit it... I didn't get that movie at all.
5. People

5 things on your desk:
1. "Hogfather" by T. Pratchett
2. The program from "Assassins"
3. "The Sting" on DVD
4. Two dead batteries (and a partridge in a...)
5. My tablet

Right now you are:
1. Bobbing my head in time to "Jay's Rap" from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
2. Thinking about seeing a movie.
3. Drinking chocolate milk to get rid of the onion taste in my mouth
4. Actively not thinking about the One-Acts
5. Wondering how old my paychecks are... and whether they're still good to deposit.

5 negative facts about you:
1. I'm very gullible.
2. I tend to argue with people I get pissy with.
3. I'm very negative and cynical.
4. My laugh is really annoying.
5. I'm an absolute and utter procrastinator.

5 positive facts about you:
1. I am passibly intelligent.
2. My art doesn't suck that much...
3. I am, for the most part, a very easy going person.
4. I make an effort to at least get to know people before I hate them.
5. I have a very theatrical voice.

5 things you plan to do before you die:
1. Graduate from high school.
2. Sell a comic book.
3. Be in productions of the following: "Assassins", "Into the Woods", "Sweeney Todd", and "Phantom of the Opera"
4. Meet Art Alexakis again.
5. Draw Ryan from life.

5 things you can do:
1. Be annoying on a large-scale level.
2. Entertain various people with my knowledge of assassins, mass murderers, and true crime throughout the ages.
3. Talk about Relativity with a vague amount of comprehension.
4. The Time Warp.
5. A number of voices from "Rocko's Modern Life". Actually, just a number of voices in general.

5 Things You Can't Do:
1. Play pretty much any kind of sport.
2. Be intentionally impolite.
3. Put on makeup
4. Shop for a long period of time.
5. Burp intentionally (such a disadvantage).

5 Famous People You Want To Meet:
1. Elijah Wood
2. Stephen Sondheim
3. Leon Czolgosz (does he count?)
4. Abe Lincoln
5. Josh Charles

Top 5 songs you think are cool:
1. "The Battle of Czolgosz"- Assassins
2. "Heroin Girl"- Everclear
3. "Slow Motion"- Third Eye Blind
4. "Hard On For Jesus"- Dandy Warhols
5. "The Hallelujah Chorus"- Handel's Messiah

Top 5 things that turn you on about your sex of choice:
1. Personality
2. Talent
3. Nose (I like long noses for some reason. I think I got it from my mother. And from the fact that I have a little stubby nose)
4. Eyes
5. Movement (i.e. how they carry themselves, how they move in public, how they react to things)

Top 5 movies:
1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Shrek
3. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
4. Pet Semetary
5. Alice in Wonderland

Top 5 things you say the most:
1. Mur?
2. Shit
3. Hah
4. No way!
5. What's up?

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