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Twitching again...

And I'm also hella bored, so I'm gonna babble about stuff...

Namely fandom. Since Rose has made the decision to pull back from "Harry Potter", it's got me thinking. Just about... what the hell am I doing?

I've written and drawn stuff for several of the most popular fandoms, including Gundam Wing and Harry Potter. On the other hand, I'm the sole member (from what I know) of an extremely obscure fandom. And I've got my hands in some medium fanstuffs.

But, even if I'm a member of a popular fandom, I tend to eschew the more common romantic pairings and branch off into my own world. My idea of good Gundam WIng is Heero and Trowa. My idea of good Harry Potter is Remus Lupin with anyone except Sirius... especially Harry and James... My idea of good Sailor Moon is Haruka and Hotaru.

In other words, I'm a bit confused with myself. And I'm busily wondering what the fuck I'm doing. What I'd really like to see is some stuff from people who like "Assassins". Something. Anything. I'm bored! I'm restless! I'm moving into a strange and hostile world where I don't belong... fanfiction for musicals. Heh... and I'm not about to write anything about "Cats" or "Rent". Those aren't my shows.

On the other hand, I dislike coming into a fandom when the greatest swells are occuring. I entered the anime realm when Pokemon was at its peak. I came upon Gundam Wing when it began airing on Cartoon Network. I started liking "Lord of the Rings" when the movie came out. I was extremely late with "Harry Potter", coming in almost six months after the craze began.

With almost everything I like, I like it because it has become mainstream enough for me to find it. I don't regard this as a bad thing, necessarily... I just don't like feeling inferior when judged against those who were die-hard fans before it surfed into the mainstream. I know mass production has a tendency to reel in the idiots and ruin the closely knit feel of the better fandoms. But, also... I think it allows some of us to get a glimpse of what we've been missing.

I just want the prejudice to go away. I want everyone to be happy. >___<

Oh, and this struck me as funny:


Still, it has nothing to do with anything...

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