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1. What's your name: Stephanie
2. What do you wish your name was, instead: Shawn... I always wanted to be Shawn. Or Mac. Or AJ. Note that they can all be mistaken for male names...
3. How are you: Not too bad. IMy lungs are trying to hack something up.
4. Would you ever eat sushi? Yeah... Stef keeps telling me about how much I need to try it.
5. Would you ever eat sushi off a naked body? Whose body?
6. Have you considered homosexuality? ... Considered it in what sense? I'm confused.
7. What's your sexual preference? Um... see number 6.
8. What were you in a past life? I think I died in a shipwreck in a past life.
9. I punch you. Quick, what do you do? Stare at you dumbfound for a moment and then say "What the fuck was that for?" Then I'd either hit you or run away... depending on my mood.
10. When confronted with Britney Spears, you...? Stand my ground, look her in the eye... and then run away.
11. What's your favorite coffee? Mmmm... coffee.
12. What's your political perspective? Libertarian/Anarchist. It depends on who you talk to.
13. Are you my Angel? *ding* Hey! I got my wings!
14. Do you consider yourself a poet? I only write poetry when forced... so, no.
15. What do you wanna be when you grow up? Me.
16. There's a naked man in your living room. What do you do? Ask him how the hell he got through the locked door and then ask him why he's running around in subzero weather with no clothes on.
17. How stupid do you think you are? I'm very gullible. That's a select kind of stupidity.
18. How stupid do other people think you are? Most of my friends are of the opinion that I am an idiot... luckily, I don't have any friends.
19. Who the hell do you think you are? Nyah...
20. Is the Wonderbra good or bad? I suspect it would make it look like I had more breast than I do... I don't want that at all.
21. If you could levitate, who would you scare first? I think I'd walk just a few inches off the ground and wait to see who noticed first.
22. What's your favorite fruit? Bananas
23. Can you feel the love tonight? No.
24. On a nude beach, you would...? Be absent. Or hiding behind a dune with binoculars.
25. Make up a story with yourself, a bridge, and a bunny: There was a starving bunny on a bridge. I picked up the poor, starving, baby bunny... and it bit me. So I threw it off the bridge. The end.
26. What do you think about contemporary art? It has its good and bad points.
27. Do you like being naked? Depends on the season.
28. If we had proof god didn't exist, what would happen? Hmm... I think a lot of people would kill themselves and get it over with right quick.
29. Do you enjoy cheeze whiz? No...
30. What's your position on virginity? I'd like to lose it, at some point.
31. On civil unions: I'm probably against them with the rationalization that they're a part of the beaurocracy. But I can't be sure. Because I don't think I much care right now.
32. On RuPaul: She? He? It's a mystery!
33. On mosquito bites: Itchy...
34. On bad sitcoms: I don't watch anything that I haven't been watching for... forever.
35. On Fran Drescher: I have nothing to say.
36. Are you left handed or right handed? I perform a great deal of tasks with my left hand, but overall I'm probably considered right handed.
37. Are you smart? to a certain extent.
38. What's your middle name? Carolyn.
39. How many personalities do you have? At least eight.
40. How many piercing do you have? 4- two in each ear.
41. What was your first word? Somewhere along the lines of bat, cat, Ma, Da.
42. Are you superstitious? Nope.
43. Do you read your horoscope? When the mood strikes.
44. Do you believe in that stuff? Nah...
45. Can you do a cartwheel? I used to be able to.
46. Do you have contact lenses? Nope.
47. Do you have a retainer or braces? No, thank god.
48.Can you drive? Forward... backward is still a little sketchy.
49. Do you snore? No...
50. Do you drool in your sleep? Urk...
51.Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? Mr. Lickylick!
52. Do you keep a journal? *coughcough* Filled with inane ramblings..
53. Do you like onions? Yes.
54. Do you like cotton candy? Too sugary.
55. What instruments can you play? I sing mostly.
56. Do you like to dance? I do, but I don't often get the chance.
57. Do you like to sing? YES! ^__^ Love to sing.
58. Are you any good at it? Passable.
59. Do you like to talk on the phone? No.
60. Do you like where you live? No.
61. Are you organized? You have to wade through my room...
62. Do you sleep with socks on? Nnnnnooo...
63. Are you shy? Yes...
64. Do you talk to yourself? I have my own conversations in my head, but I usually don't share them aloud.
65. Are you a morning person? Gods no.
66. Are you a virgin? Pure as snow. New snow. Not the ugly, slushy snow.
67. Are you proud of that? No. I'm really irritated with it.
68. Do you believe in reincarnation? No.
69. Do you believe in God? If I did, then it would defeat the purpose of being an atheist...
70. Do you believe in ghosts? When I see it, I'll believe it.
71. Do you believe in bigfoot? See number 70
72. How old do you wish you were? Twenty-one. There, I'm an adult now.
73. What will you name your daughter? Nonexistent product of commercial consumerism.
74. Son? Child of the corn.
75. Have you ever thought you were gonna die? Yeah...
76. Where do you wanna go? Go see Ryan!

77. Been kissed? Yes...
78: Done drugs? Hard drugs or... alcohol and nicotine?
79: Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Well, not Oreos.
80: Been on stage? Many a time.
81: Dumped someone else? I don't tend to dump people. I kinda... hide until they go away.
82: Gotten in a car accident? I wasn't driving.
83: Watched "Punky Brewster"? No.
84: Been in love? ... I honestly don't know.

85: Shampoo: Suave.
86: Toothpaste: The sparkley kind.
87: Soap: Something that smells nice.
88: Type of soup: Tomato
89: Room in your house: My room, I guess.
90: Instrument: Pencil... does that count?

91: Coffee or hot chocolate? Chai. ^_^
92: Big or little? Little.
93: Lace or satin? Lace.
94: New or old? Old.
95: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Neve. She just looks so sweet in the Scream movies!
96: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Ah... oooh...
97: Vogue or Material Girl? Material girl.
98: Jeans or cords? Cords...? Cargo pants!
99: Sweater or sweatshirt? T-shirt.
100: T-shirt or tank top? No shirt.
101: Skirt or dress? Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants...
102: Wool or cotton? Cotton soft...
103: Rose or Lily? Tiger Lily.
104: The way it is or the way it was? The way it is.
105: Oldies or pop? Both.
106: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Fuck it...
107: Do you have a best friend? I did... I don't now.

In the last 24 hours, have you...
108: Cried? Yes.
109: Helped someone? I don't think so...
110: Bought something? Bought lunch!
111: Gotten sick? *coughhacksnort*
112: Gone to the movies? No.
113: Gone out for dinner? No.
114: Said "I love you"?: No.
115: Written a real letter? pre-reg? What?
116: Moved on? No
117: Talked to an ex? No.
118: Missed an ex? No.
119: Written in a journal? Yesh...
120: Talked to someone you have a crush on? Yes.
121: Had a serious talk? No.
122: Missed someone? YES!
123: Hugged someone? Yes.
124: Fought with your parents? Umm... no, it's been relatively quiet.
125: Fought with a friend? No.

Do you.....
126: Wear eye shadow? Does the word 'butch' mean anything to you?
127: Put on a "front"? Probably...
128: Kiss on the first date? Heh... yes, most likely.
129: Have a crush on someone? Oh gods yes.
130: Eat with your mouth open? I try not to...
131: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be? I want, want, want Nightcrawler leaping on my back. After that... I dunno...
132: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? An odd pink color. Kinda like someone spilled a lot of Pepto Bismol on a white carpet.
133: What was the last CD you bought? Um... the "Permanent Midnight" soundtrack.
134: How did you spend last summer? In summer school, mostly.
135: When's the last time you showered? Why is this always a question?
136: Are you tired? Yes, very.
137: Are you lonely? Kinda
138: Are you happy? I am nothing at the moment.
139: Are you wearing pajamas? No...
140: Are you talking to someone online? Heh... Helena keeps moving between doing work and talking to me...
141: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? What the hell... RQM
142: What is your astrological sign? Taurus
143: What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse? I have no idea... I'm going to take a wild stab at it and say Pisces, though...
144: What time is it? 4:44pm

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