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Oh wait. I said that already. Um... lessee... news...

I felt really dumb today in English. We're reading "Macbeth", which is my most favoritest Shakespearean play ever. I have thus claimed the title character for my very own during class readings (my lovely wife, by the way, is played by Anya).

So, today, we came upon the invisible dagger scene. Now, if I had to pick a scene from Macbeth to love and cherish... just a scene, mind you... it would be that one. In fact, I actually had it memorized for an audition (remember? The one for Ryan?). So... because of this, Mrs. D. had me stand up in front of the class and act it out.

I got a little lost in the interpretation. I deliberated the shouting I have always done for all of two seconds before I went ahead and did it... afterwards realizing how dumb I felt.

And I don't feel dumb because I'm a Shakespeare dork, or anything like that. I feel dumb because I exposed a part of myself in front of all those people. All those people who, beforehand, hadn't thought that there was a person inside of me seeing invisible daggers hovering in midair and longing to be king.

Mmm. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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