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Whaaa...too early... -_-;;

So...it's 10:25 in the fucking morning... HI!!!!!! ^___________^ Violent mood swings. Oh baby.
I had my last day of summer school today and that's why I'm home kinda early (I'm usually at school until 12:00 or so...bah >.< But now I'm home! And I damn well got an 'A' in that class. So...thhhhppppppp! :p
Whahahaha. My head itches...my hair probably needs washed. God, I hate having so much hair. It reaches down to my mid-back and is super thick. And curly. And it soaks up shampoo like a sponge.
Y'know who would make a cute couple? Casey and Dan from the show 'Sports Night'. Dan's so cute in such a weird, frenetic way, and Casey's handsome in the conventional way. But still quirky. And both are so horribly, horribly straight >.<
I'm way too into this whole slash/yaoi/male and male relationships thing. I really don't like straight relationships. They bug me. I'm not entirely sure why. And I'm also all for yuri/lesbian relationships. But not male/female relationships. I think it's because males and females so typically fall into roles when they get together. Sexual roles, social roles, societal roles. Roles about who is pursuing whom and who should be persued by whom. It's an odd world. But there are so fewer roles and so fewer rules in the 'non-traditional' relationships. Sure, there are still roles (most problematic are the uke/seme, penetrated/penatrator roles). But they are some what lessened by the fact that these relationships are still new territory in our lives.
Somewhat complicated, due to the fact that I am attracted to both males and females >.< Sad, but I'd rather have casual sex with males (Ryan!!!!) and a serious, long-term relationship with a woman. I don't think I communicate well with males. Not in a sexual way, not in an intimate way. And I think it has a lot to do with my being somewhat more masculine than I should be. Being that I grew up with out much real feminine influence. Hell, I took the Gender test at theSpark.com and they told me I was definitely a male. Whoops...not true. I'm female, believe it or not.
I'm not sure, but I think I was meant to be a gay man >.< Didn't work out that way. Funky. I dunno...I'm not a TS or a TV...never will be. Not Transgendered. Just...different. ^^; Gahhh...am I kinky?
Ok, time to shut up now. I feel a little weird typing out my weird, sexual, psuedo-psychological idiosyncrasies. For now, I'll just concentrate on my yaoi and yuri and leave it at that.
And keep trying to bed Ryan. That'll be going on until the time when I'm no longer seeing him daily.
I need to quit talking about sex. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more serious? Discuss serious things? It seems like everyone else talks about serious stuff and I just babble giddily.

The end for now...

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