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The easily amused silly person...

Hi, I'm Peter Brady!</a>
Which Brady Bunch kid are you most like?

There are two types of people--those who come into a room and say, 'Well, here I am!' and those who come in and say, 'Ah, there you are.'
Frederick L Collins

WHICH SERIAL KILLER ARE YOU? find out at: slitmyfuckingthroat.cjb.net

Why, I'm Squeaky, of course! ^__^

Take the "Which
Nationality Are You?" test
at OuchCryManson

Made by: gothichic666 and ecology

Harry Potter professors test:
# 1 Lupin
# 2 Trawlanie
# 3 Hagrid
# 4 Black (Yeah I know he is not a professor, but he is just too cool)
# 5 Dumbledore

Harry Potter animagus form:
# 1 bat
# 2 fox
# 3 rabbit
# 4 bear
# 5 cat

Discworld character test:

# 1 Sgt. Delphine Angua - Of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. A smart young woman three weeks of the month and a very useful wolf the rest of the time.
# 2 Cohen The Barbarian - A barbarian hero, man and boy and senior-citizen. Straightforward, unsentimental and in the habit of surviving.
# 3 Esme "Granny" Weatherwax - Unofficial leader of the Lancre coven. An independant and intelligent woman with a powerful code of morals and a will of iron.
# 4 Gytha "Nanny" Ogg - A senior witch of Lancre. An earthy and good-natured old lady with an inappropriate sense of humour. Matriarch of the huge Ogg clan.
# 5 Susan Sto Helit - A teacher by profession. Logical and highly intelligent. Also Death's granddaughter. Genetics has a lot to answer for.

Discworld guild selector:

# 1 The Thieves' Guild
# 2 The Assassins' Guild
# 3 The Alchemists' Guild
# 4 The Beggars' Guild
# 5 The Lawyers' Guild

Hamlet character selector:

# 1 Hamlet
# 2 Laertes
# 3 Ophelia
# 4 Osric
# 5 Claudius the King

My anthem is:
"Electro-Shock Blues," by Eels.
I'm a very giving person, which means I frequently cut myself short. Everyone sees me as being perfectly alright, without any huge problems of my own, but I beg to differ. Even when I ask for help, no one really believes me... I'm trying, but it's not easy.
Find out what YOUR anthem is HERE!

The feminist selector (YESYESYES! This is so true!!! For me, at least...)

# 1 Libertarian / Individualist feminism: see http://www.ifeminists.com
# 2 Antifeminism - actively opposing feminism; views male supremacy as natural and/or necessary.
# 3 Liberal feminism-- See http://www.orst.edu/Dept/pol_sci/liberal.htm
# 4 Socialist Feminism-- See http://www.dsausa.org/youth/resources/socialist_feminism.html
# 5 Womanism-- "Black feminism is sometimes referred to as womanism because both are concerned with struggles against sexism and racism by black women who are themselves part of the black community's efforts to achieve equity and liberty" -Barbara Omolade
# 6 Amazon feminism-- Dedicated to the image of the female hero in Greek mythology and in fact, as it is expressed in art and literature, in the physiques and feats of female athletes, and in sexual values and practices. See http://www.ifi.uio.no/~thomas/lists/amazon-connection.html
# 7 Femme-inism: the use of traditional accessories of femininity or 'femme' identity, such as make-up or high femme clothing, in subversive, celebratory ways
# 8 Anarcha-feminism: See InfoShop Anarcha-feminism Kiosk
# 9 Eco-feminism-- Theory that rests on the basic principal that patriarchial philosophies are harmful to women, children, and other living things.
# 10 Radical feminism: Radical feminist analysis identifies patriarchal sexual politics as a fundamental organizing principle pervasive in all aspects of modern and historical societies. Radical feminist activism works to organize a mass movement uniting women to abolish sex-class on political, economic, and cultural levels.

damn you are so SEXY!!. be sexy all over again, click here.

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