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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...

The World Trade Centers are down. The Pentagon has been hit. Downtown Cleveland is being evacuated (near where I live). This is becoming very frightening. This is a big enough deal that every class is watching it on the news.

This is one of the most major things I have ever had the pleasure of being in school for while shit was going on. I watched Columbine on tv. I watched the verdict of the OJ Simpson trial on tv. I watched the Oklahoma City Bombing on tv. All major events. And this beats 'em all.

It's so hard to watch a major landmark like the World Trade Center fall.

A plane has crashed in Pennsylvania. This is getting creepy. People jumping out of buildings? Oh jesus, oh god. I was in choir. I was *singing* while this happened. I feel so cut off from the world.

What a hit. Anya was bitching about how this was all our fault because we're so stupid, but I honestly think that that is the most naive thinking possible. A terrorist attack like this involves two parties, the US being one of them. It's unfair to blame another country for a conflict, because it takes two or more to have a conflict.

What's really frightening, is that this could be the provocation that begins Wourld War III.

It makes everything I do seem trivial and insignificant.

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