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Ganked from both Rose and Keely

Years in fandom: Unlike the rest of the world, I'm a profound young'n when it comes to strict fandoms. Going on about three years, I suppose...

Years reading slash: Well... even though it feels like this has been a part of my life forever, it hasn't. Two years, tops.

Years writing slash: Ah... now this I have a much more timely hand in. ^__^ I was dictating hurt/comfort Jenner and Justin ("The Secret of Nimh") stories to my father before I even had a real inkling as to what sexuality was. And I only just realized that was what I was doing... oh... three months ago? But... yes. Twelve years of writing, give or take.

Number of fandoms written: Shoot... 9? Nine different fandoms that I've actually written for. Whether they were great efforts... bah...

Numbers of fandoms read: Somewhere twixt 15 and 20.

Stories written in ...
Vampire Chronicles: One... a Lestat stream of consciousness.
Harry Potter: One... and one work in slow progress.
Gundam Wing: 22 (two remain unfinished)
Final Fantasy: One that remains sadly unfinished...
X-Men: Evolution: 7 (three works in progress)
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: One.
Trigun: One completed and one started.
Sailor Moon: One (a Jadeite babble).
The Phantom of the Opera: One.
Lord of the Rings: Two, neither complete.
Assassins: One, not complete.

Total: 41, if you count the ones in progress.

Number of slashers met: A number of my real-life friends and fan-buddies like slash (gosh... if they didn't, would I keep 'em around?) but I've never had the good fortune to meet an online slash fan.

I'm such a wee baby on the Internet...

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