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13 February 2002 @ 10:09 pm
Inspired By A Dream That Frightened Me

Mental savior, Dorothea D.
Had it in great company
Of dread disease, no one could stare
And ask if, bright-red, we can bear
The darkness, blackness, of our minds
Disgusting monsters of all kinds
A dream of cuts on trembling thighs
Worms and beasts under the guise
Of blood and flesh reborn
Between which they are vicious torn
As half-demons, they claw the skin
Nightcrawlers with teeth both fat and thin
Sigh and retch and squeeze the wound
Thin, watery liquid like the light of the moon
Pours, and then turns dark
Gangrenous; infection leaves its mark
An illness that makes immortality a must
For the human race is but shadows and dust

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