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My alphabet poem...

Thought I might as well post this:

Anonymous aristocrats anesthetize apocalypse
Anthrax affects anoxic arsenals
Bureaucratic bigots backtrack blow-by-blow
Battlefield battalions bury beau geste
Callous canaille captivate centrality
Klepto chameleons claim their calamity
Dead, dying, dilapidated derring-do
Dig disenchanted delirious delinquents
Erections elevated, elongated, emulated
Effeminate ejaculate engaged, equivocated
Featureless fauna fellate for favors
Feckless federalists ferret fixations
Gauche, gaudy gegenschein glows
Geishas give geometric genocide
Hackneyed and hallowed hallmarks heighten
Higgledy-piggledy hideyholes hock homophobes
Indigenous ichneumon inter identity
Infants inosculate impassive iguanas
Judge and Jimmy jury-rig and justify
Jolt your jurisdiction; juxtapose juvenility
Keen keratotomy keep Kerouac
Kerosene kinetics kvetch kittenish
Lachrymose lacerations lactate leeches
Lawyers in leatherette lease lexicons
Meditating masochists masturbate methodically
Meeting in the melee to meliorate megalomania
Notorious nymphos negotiate normalcy
Nursing Nefertiti’s newcomer necrophilia
Oppressive opposition obliterates obloquy
Obturated, obligatory, obfuscated octillion
Palatable pain and pressure push pederasty
Pagan Pandora’s pitiful paean
Qualified quaestors quiet qualitative
Quaint queries quaver, quixotic
Regional radar reams radiation
Rabid rapid recollection redistributes redirection
Soft sodomy skewers sociology
Steep solitude soils somnolence
Trigger-happy Tuesday times tepid tension
Tenuous transmittance tears territory
Unhappy, unilateral, underrepresented unions
Underage, unique, unzipped, unworthy
Veritable vermin venerate vermiform
Vesticated vespers verify vicarious vice
Wakeful watchers waiver warmongers
Wizened whirligis whittel whetstones
Xenophilic Xerxes in Zen xiphoid
Xerophilous xanthoma zoomorphs xeroderma
Yeasayers use useful yuppies
The yakuza yanks a yearning yawp
Zealous Zionist zombies zap zootomy
Zig zag zodiac Zachariah sings

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