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My nose hurts

Which means it is dry.

I felt like doing stuff. In fact I keep on feeling like that. It's so irritating. Whaarg. Stop wanting a life damn you!

And on a lighter note: I did not make the school newspaper. And they sent me a little note saying "We're sorry you didn't make it. Many qualified applicants applied..."

My thoughts? Bull and shit. I was the only person who applied to be their illustrator. The only. So they just didn't want me. Period.

The way I see it, I would have been doing a favor to them. Their graphics suck. I could haved helped them suck less. All they would have had to let me do was sit in their damn room and draw for a full period a day. And I can do that in the art room.

I had a real rant worked out, until I decided I didn't care. Fuck you! And many cheerful Christmas greeting up your ass! You will not be missed. And I will mock you. Enough.

-Pietro bedroom discontent-

Pietro: But Lance! What about *my* needs?

-Freddy computer shocked-

Fred: Hey... you can find nude pictures of Jean Grey on this Internet

-Jean leather horny-

Hot damn.... I ain't touchin' this one...

-Charles Xavier television mischievious-

The Prof: Right... as of now we get the 'Spice' channel...

Scott: Gee, Professor! What kind of programs do they show?

The Prof: Quiet you... I'm not letting you watch until you're thirty!

Scott: Yessir... *hangs head in puppy-dog like shame*

-Pietro markers envious-

Pietro: *writes 'He's mine!' all over Lance*

Pietro: (to Kitty) He's mine, ok? M-I-N-E. So get your ditzy, valley-
girl self away from here!

Kitty: *gasp* You bastard!

-Rogue shampoo energetic-


Scott: Herbal Essences. Get your dirty minds out of the gutter.

-Scott lamp loved-

Scott: My lava lamp is the only thing in this world that loves me...

Jean: Scott! Get your skinny, skanky ass down here NOW!

Scott: See?

-Mystique computer artistic-

Freddy: Wow, lookit what Mystique drew on the computer!

Lance: *squints* Is that her ripping off Magneto's head and
shouting "Quit playing with my fucking paperclips!" ?

Todd: Could be...

-Charles Xavier park excited-

The Prof: Whee! Now let's go on the swings!

Scott: Err... Professor...?

The Prof: *whaps Scott* Quiet! I know what I'm doing!

-Jean couch crushed-

Jean: Freddy! Get OFF of me!

-Jean shower scared-

*eerie violin music plays*

Jean: Um... I'm not Anne Heche and this is not the remake
of 'Psycho', right?

*violins persist*

Jean: Yeah... this is SO not funny.

Scott: (from other side of shower curtain) Hello? Shut up, Jean,
you're ruining the drama.

-Kurt candle scared-

Scott: Fire good... fire GOOD!

Kurt: Whaaaarg...

-Scott tattoo morose-

Scott: Why, why, why did I get your name tattooed on my ass with a
little heart around it?

Logan: *smiling coyly* I don't know, sugarplum, but you were REALLY
drunk and...

Scott: AHHHHH!

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