DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

Second Evo episode:

I think this is Mindbender... Mmm... Jean in her jammies in the rain... Think about girls much, Steph?

Hey... that Jack-in-the-Box has the symbol to ward off the evil eye on its side! I think...

Why are all the kids' rooms so damn bare? Don't they have any... y'know... junk?

Aww! Beast looks so cute in his little horn rims! And Multiple is really cute. And evil! Soo... evil... hehehe...

Hey... so... I wonder if they're ever going to evole Jean into Phoenix? That would be cool. Still, I think Phoenix would be a mind-fuck for all of the other X-Men.

Hmm... and I'm really not finding much else to say about this episode.

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