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Hello. This week has begun with the suckage, oh yes it has. Physics test today which caused me to say a tearful goodbye to my pretty A, I am sure (Oh, and y'know what Dr S. wrote on my interim? "Finally working up to potential." I find that insanely funny). Aaaand... got into a wee, wee bitty pissing fight with Anya. She was dishing on Tree City Players and I was like "Er... have you worked with other community theatres?" She said "Yeah, Weathervane and Porthouse".

Number one: Porthouse is a professional theatre. Number two: Weathervane is about as close as you can get to professional theatre without paying the actors. Both have money, a good theatre to perform in, regular patrons, and snotty attitudes. Tree City has no money, an awful theatre, no regular patrons, and a somewhat alternative take on what they want to perform. And, fuck it, they still hold their own.

So, I just had to ask: "Have you worked with ANTIC? Stow Players? Tallmadge?" Answer being 'no'. Yeah. Shut up. If you had seen or worked with any of them you'd probably be licking Jack Herman's boots. There are greater depths of shitty than you've seen.

No... I'm still pissed off at her for "reviewing" the local community theatre, giving both the hippie theatre groups she's involved in three stars and TCP two. Tree City might not be that great, but it's still better than New World Children's Theatre. And don't try to tell me differently, because I was a part of NWCT for awhile. It was not good.

And then she didn't even 'review' any other real community theatres. Fuck her.

As Jamie put it: "Y'know, she's constantly making fun of Alice for being self-centered... and yet she's the most self-centered person I know." And it's the goddamned truth.

Enough! Enough... I don't really feel like being pissy.

Had a couple of good conversations with Helena today. Fun... but she'll be going off to Israel soon. Well, not soon soon. But she's graduating a year early so she can go and start her real life... *sighs* T'ain't no such thing as stability.

And on the bright note of my day, I got my X-Men toys! ^____^ They may be dorky looking, but they're mine! And, even more exciting to me, they came with these cute little cd-roms which had previews of the Evo comics they're putting out! *squeals* I took a few screencaps and they are up at the Evoslash site. Should anyone be interested, they can be found in the miscellaneous section.

Be interested people! They are really nice. I admire these artists, even if they're giving them an anime slant...

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