DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

Brrr... it's cold in here...

I may not be Lestat, but I love him to undeath. So... there.

You are Lestat. The Brat Prince of Vampires. You're great and you know it.

Find your inner vampire.

(OOC: I'd just like to reiterate my psychic powers... I said to myself "Oh, I bet she responded". Checked my email and, lo and behold... ^_^;;)

"Then what is it you think you did wrong?" When Lance heard the ice in Pietro's tone he stopped laughing and looked up to find himself staring guiltily into Pietro's furious eyes. Abruptly, he found himself thinking of a song he'd heard on the radio a long time ago.

[i]Happy are you sad, wanna shoot your dad? I'll do anything I can. It's the wrong way.
We talk all night, try to make it right. Believe me shit was tight. It was the wrong way.[/i]

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