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How many people wanna kick some ass?

I do! I do! ^___^

Aargh. Entire English class got into a rather juvenile debate about whether varsity letters should be given to non-sports, like drama and choir. Thank you to Anya. >_< Aargh! She started it by coming in and making fun of the cheerleaders and, when the rest of us jumped to defend the cheerleaders, she got all huffy about it.

Me: I like to watch the cheerleaders.
Anya: Yeah, would you like watching them so much if they wore big t-shirts and heavy sweatpants?
Me: Yes.

Anyway, so we were all arguing about that, and she really started getting pissy with Jamie. Some of her exact words were "Shut up, ass" and "Are you arguing with me just to make me mad? Because it seems like it." And Jamie's attitude was "Gee Anya, some people argue with you because they disagree with you, not because they want to be make you mad."

Anyway, she was being really immature and then suddenly expected us to take her seriously. Bullshit, as usual. And Jamie was getting ticked... I was getting ticked. Most everyone was pretty ticked at her because she would not shut up! Arrrgh! I figure varsity letters are for sports and if you're in the arts and think you deserve one then you are trying prove something. Plus, it says something about why you're doing what you're doing. I mean, do you want recognition? Or do you want to get experience in something you like doing and have fun?

As for recognition... she seems to think drama needs more recognition. It does not. And she also seems to think there's a big difference between getting a varsity letter and get the distinction of International Thespian Society?

There isn't. Also she seemed to think drama required as much effort as Speech and Debate.

It doesn't. And she can't tell me differently, since I've actually done both.

Aaaargh! Sod off, all creeps!

Extra tidbits:

Brandy: Your toons make me feel decidedly mediocre as an artist. >__< Whaaa...

Rose: Your art also makes me feel mediocre, but it's absolutely ok because I dunno if I could live without it! ^_^

Bunny: Feel better! ;__; Whaaa... I hate hearing you so upset!

And in other news: I am painting a pot that looks like my skin after I take a razor blade to it. O_o And I did not intend it to be so.

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