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10 March 2002 @ 09:37 pm
Aaaargh! I got a flame!  
>__< And it really hit home too, because it was for what I was sure would be the riskiest fic I ever wrote... My "Assassins" thingy...

"This was only your typical slash fiction.Very uninspired and dull.THe "CATS" slash and "Pooh Bear"slash I read was far more imaginative than this fic."

Ok, small, sad, uninformed child who writes "Cats" fiction, and nothing but. Your typical slash fiction goes something like "Ur gay!!!!1 I am to! Let's fuck!" And so on and so forth. And while there is bad slash out there, there's also good slash. And why I should have to sit here and make a distinction between slash and non-slash is idiotic... since there is also really awful hetero stuff being written. Why call my story "bad slash"? Why not just call it a bad story? Or is it bad because it's about a subject matter that you don't like? Is it dull, perhaps, because you've never seen "Assassins"?

And of course Pooh slash would have to be imaginative, wouldn't it? I mean... god! Christ! Even I wouldn't touch something like that... it just feels wrong. I mean... there aren't even actual *relationships* in Pooh. It just doesn't feel right to drop sexuality right into the middle of something so innocent.

Oh, I really, really want to get back at this person. I mean, they have a "Cats" slash fic for christsakes. Excerpt:

"That whole 'mating dance'thing was just a cover-up,"Plato said."I did'nt want anyone to know that I was gay...I did'nt know how they would react if I told them."

Now if that's not unoriginal, I don't know what is. "Oh, no! I never loved that member of the opposite sex that was conveniently set up for me in the plot! Only you, my same-sex life partner!" *keels over and dies* If you honestly want to critisize my originality, then you'd better be sure it's not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, excuse my cliches.

Comments? Anybody else think I should leave a nice, constructive review perhaps?
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mollior cuniculi capillo: tnacsineala on March 10th, 2002 10:11 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't take any criticism anyone on FFN leaves you very seriously. I find that a lot of stories there (like the ones of your reviewer) tend to be... well, crap. Bad plot, bad characterization unbeta'd, and they couldn't even find 30 seconds to run spellcheck before they posted. *reads* Man, they couldn't even separate out dialogue properly.

I liked your story, even though I've never seen Assassins; it was nice. Not cliched. Don't listen to people who can't be bothered to put the minimal amount of effort into their work.

Most slashfen I know don't ever visit FFN unless they post their own stories there to duplicate what they put on the archives. I barely go there, because FFN is so not representative of fanfiction as a whole. Two of my primary fandoms, The Sentinel and Due South, only have maybe 100-200 stories each on FFN, and most of those are gen or godawful het. The slash archive for The Sentinel, as well as the bifictional archive for Due South, both have over 2000 stories each.

My advice, which I just learned today, is: make sure you're not criticizing a story by one of the most popular writers in the fandom. I did that the other day in my LJ. And, um, then two Big Name Writers found it and started disagreeing with me. And today the author found it. Eeek.
Mel the Shadowkidcool on March 19th, 2002 06:09 am (UTC)
I agree,Elana
There are TOO many authors who see negative reviews,and just allow themselves to become unglued over the reviews.Then the authors make themselves look foolish and childish by talking about the reviewer behind his/her back.It makes me wonder if these authors will ever grow up.
(Anonymous) on March 11th, 2002 11:15 am (UTC)
Don't put yourself down so much. I enjoyed it, despite never having seen the musical before ^_^
And anyway, it *was* original. That's why I liked it; it doesn't conform to the normal standard of slash, which, as you said goes "we're both gay. let's shag" It just another one of those annoying idiots who wander 'round ff.net, and only like certain authors, written in a certain style (and their always the really *bad* authors they like, y'know?), and anything else is game for the proverbial fertiliser.

Don't play their game and leave a crit. Let them leave their fic as it is and let the rest of us have a jolly good laugh.

And -Pooh Bear Slash-? *gags* I think I may have to be sick. I mean, how...no, no, I don't even want to think about it........

Mel the Shadowkidcool on March 19th, 2002 06:06 am (UTC)
Everyone has different opinions
Don't go around critizing people who did'nt like Worm's "Assassins"fic.You're too smart for that.And Worm is too smart to allow himself to become unglued over a negative review,and that's just what he did.If worm allows himself to become unglued over a review on the 'net,then how's he going to cope in teal life if someone critizes him?That's not the way an adult should handle himself.You 2 can flame me if you want,but that'll only prove to me that you're both just childish.
Bunnymr_memania on March 12th, 2002 01:01 pm (UTC)
You're on Fanfiction.net? (hits self on forehead) Why didn't I know that? Check out my stories. My alias is BunnyPoo ^^.
Mel the Shadowkidcool on March 19th, 2002 06:02 am (UTC)
Get over yourself,Worm
Not everyone can like your fiction.And don't be so quick to jump to conclusuins-you made yourself look VERY foolish to me by calling the reviewer "a small child".How boring it would be if everyone in the weorld liked"Assassins"slash.We all have different tastes,and that what makes us unique.If you cannot handle negative reviews,then I feel sorry for you.It's time you grew up,and started handling things like this.People should'nt play your"everyone has to like my Assassins fic because I want them to."Time to stop kidding yourself,and make yourself grow up.
DrWorm: zootdrworm on March 19th, 2002 06:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Get over yourself,Worm
Who are you? And why are you replying to other people's comments instead of replying to my post directly? And why are you calling me "Worm"? I regard the internet as an extension of our real lives, and I would prefer people who are coming out of nowhere to critisize me to please refer to me by my full name. DrWorm. Yes... you have not earned the right to give my nickname a nickname so back off. And I'd prefer you get my gender right too...

Secondly, it is not important to me how I look in your eyes. For you to expect that from me seems egotistical of you. Why should I care whether you think my reaction was appropriate or not? It's my reaction and I will feel however I please... Are you forgeting that this is my journal? Mine. For my thoughts, feelings, etc., etc. Sure... you can respond. But I'll be damned if anything anybody says or does causes me to censor myself.

As for my fiction... do I expect everyone to like it? Ha. That's a laugh. I know very well that there are people out there who will dislike it. And I either ask that they don't read at all (especially in the stories that include homoerotic themes. I don't bother to read stories focusing on characters or situations I personally dislike because I know my opinion will be biased... doesn't it just make sense?) or include constructive criticism. You didn't like it? Tell me why. It does me no good to be told that my writing is dull and unoriginal (especially when I'm pretty sure that I'm not lacking in either interest or originality). I do the same when I choose to review the works of others. If I don't like something, I'll tell the author... but I always do it in a nice, civil way.

Why? Because the majority of fanfic writers put a lot of time and effort into what they choose to write. I do the same. And it is hurtful to receive a comment telling me my story is dull. Moreover, it encourages me not to write more, wearing down hatefully on my self-esteem. Which is why any reviewer with criticism should also try to bring up any good points in the author's writing when they critique. Why? Well, it's polite and courteous, for one. It also encourages the writer to write more and overcome any difficulties they may be having.

This is a good thing.

In response to your comments about my being able to take criticism from others... well. I've gotten plenty of criticism from others. I've been laughed at, flamed to a crisp, called 'fag', and much more. And every negative comment I've ever gotten, on fanfiction.net and elsewhere, has remained where it originated. If I was unable to take criticism, why would I bother to let these reviews hang around? Because I'm not out to censor anybody. But, frankly, I refuse to take misleading and hostile statements gracefully; I will almost always give my own rebuttal. It happens frequently.

As for attacking a reviewer behind their back... I did not disclose their name or email address. By reading my journal entry, their comments were quite anonymous. Would it be easy to find their identity? Yeah. So what? It's not exactly hard to match up words and phrases on google.com these days. Should I be held responsible? I think not.

I'll close with a quote by Scott Adams: "People post their ideas online and others criticize them. People love to criticize. It's their favorite thing, not counting sex or eating."

Looking for a hobby? Try picking on someone else.