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Aaaargh! I got a flame!

>__< And it really hit home too, because it was for what I was sure would be the riskiest fic I ever wrote... My "Assassins" thingy...

"This was only your typical slash fiction.Very uninspired and dull.THe "CATS" slash and "Pooh Bear"slash I read was far more imaginative than this fic."

Ok, small, sad, uninformed child who writes "Cats" fiction, and nothing but. Your typical slash fiction goes something like "Ur gay!!!!1 I am to! Let's fuck!" And so on and so forth. And while there is bad slash out there, there's also good slash. And why I should have to sit here and make a distinction between slash and non-slash is idiotic... since there is also really awful hetero stuff being written. Why call my story "bad slash"? Why not just call it a bad story? Or is it bad because it's about a subject matter that you don't like? Is it dull, perhaps, because you've never seen "Assassins"?

And of course Pooh slash would have to be imaginative, wouldn't it? I mean... god! Christ! Even I wouldn't touch something like that... it just feels wrong. I mean... there aren't even actual *relationships* in Pooh. It just doesn't feel right to drop sexuality right into the middle of something so innocent.

Oh, I really, really want to get back at this person. I mean, they have a "Cats" slash fic for christsakes. Excerpt:

"That whole 'mating dance'thing was just a cover-up,"Plato said."I did'nt want anyone to know that I was gay...I did'nt know how they would react if I told them."

Now if that's not unoriginal, I don't know what is. "Oh, no! I never loved that member of the opposite sex that was conveniently set up for me in the plot! Only you, my same-sex life partner!" *keels over and dies* If you honestly want to critisize my originality, then you'd better be sure it's not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, excuse my cliches.

Comments? Anybody else think I should leave a nice, constructive review perhaps?

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