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I can't remember...

I had a whole, great bunch of things that I wanted to say. But I completely forgot... all except for one.

Lauren A. has cancer. Hodgekin's Disease, so I hear. Kind of a blow... she's in my grade and involved with drama. I mean, I never really knew her very well (Ugh... I don't know her almost at all...) but still... She was always very nice to me when we did talk. So... *shrugs* I dunno. They're saying it's pretty curable and that she'll be coming coming into school tomorrow. Just have to see how it goes.

On a lighter note... no Driver's Ed tonight! I've been catching up on all the important things... like drawing and writing. Ee! Bliss. And I got a really nice email and bunch of submissions for the shrine from my favorite Evolution artist ever! Very exciting for me...

And I don't think my grammar (grammer? Heh... kidding, kidding ^^;) is very good tonight... and the cat's in the paper bags...

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