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A new flame for meeeeeee! ^___^ About my Squall/Laguna stuff, no less!

"Do you not know that Squall and Laguna are FATHER AND SON? Have you played the game? How can you have missed that? UGH!!!!
*takes a deep breath*
Ok, I'm calm now. (sort of) If you want, e-mail me."

Oh... rest assured that I shall be emailing you, darlin'.

>Do you not know that Squall and Laguna are FATHER AND SON? Have >you played the game? How can you have missed that? UGH!!!!

I know. I knew it when I drew that picture. And I really can't say I care much. I, personally, have no problem with consensual, homosexual incest between two fictional characters. Of course, that's my opinion. Obviously it's not yours, nor did I ever say it had to be.

>*takes a deep breath*
>Ok, I'm calm now. (sort of)

Frankly, I don't see why you even bother getting so worked up over something so silly. They aren't really people, and I am not slandering their name. I have several other Laguna/Squall pictures on mediaminer.org, and (should you ever choose to look) you'll see that I've been through this discussion several times over. It doesn't bother me.

What does bother me is that you've given my drawing a 1 based on subject matter alone. Note that the subject you were rating was "Overall appearance". This was not asking you whether you liked the romantic pairing. It was asking you about the artwork and whether it had merit. Hell, even I can admit when a drawing of Squall and Rinoa is well done.

Until you are mature enough to understand that distinction, I suggest staying away from the voting booths.


*mean perhaps... but does it not get my point across so deliciously? ^_~

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