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I wanna rock and roll all ni-ii-ight. And party ev-er-y day...

I'm not much of party-person, but last night I actually had a pretty good time. At a party. Yeah...we had a cast-type party last night after a very silly rehearsal for 'Fools'. It was at Alicia's house (she's really nice) and we ate some, listened to some music, did some dancing, grooved, got down, giggled, and talked. I kinda wished I could have spent more time talking with Alicia and Ani, who are the two girls I'd really like to be friends with. The others are ok...but I really don't think I have much is common with them. Ani, especially, is a lot of fun...she's been teasing me a lot about the 'dirty' pictures I draw and wants me to draw her a cute little hippo with a penis #^.^# Lord, she's just making fun of me all over the place. But it's all in silliness.
All of us ended up in Alicia's room at one point talking about serial killers, because I seem to know so much about them -.-;; It was kinda stupid, and then, when everyone followed us into the room, they were so weirded out. Yeah... kinda strange that way.
I kinda talked with Ani and Alicia about Ryan...I just feel so confused. He and his girlfriend (Beth) don't seem to be doing too well and haven't been going out for long (about 3 months?). I don't know whether that gives me a fighting chance or not. I also hear Ryan's not very good at relationships, which makes me feel better because I'm so horrible at it. Right now, I feel like I need the abuse or degradation of just being 'used and losed', and I really wouldn't mind foregoing a real relationship and just basing something on sex. For awhile, at least. You can't live forever on relationships based on sex. I just want to experiance it and then move on to a relationship where the focus is on relating.
It'll probably be with a girl. Oh well. I actually tried to say out loud that I was bisexual. That didn't work. I seriously couldn't say it. It just wouldn't come out of my mouth. I felt a little silly.
Ani wants to try channeling some energy with me to try to get one of her old guy friends to call her. That's cool with me. It'll be fun. ^^ I kinda want to trying channeling something to Ryan...of course. Ani and I are both atheists, so we were thinking (I suppose) of dabbling in the Wicca and witchcraft religions, despite the fact that we know very little about it...ah...to be pathetic.
Nah...but I'm hoping to get to know her better. She is very cool. She asked me who I wanted to remain friends with from the play and I said 'you and Alicia'. She said she wanted to get to know me better too, and keep being friends with Alicia as well. I guess we've formed a little clique. We just don't get along too well with all the other girls (except Eryn, who's 21 and kinda fun in her own way ^^). So I hope we can keep up the aquaintance, at least.
Bah...my only other news is that I flashed a few cars last night >.< Silly, eh? They kinda dared me to. So I did. And now I can't believe I did.

One extra tidbit:

Vash's song: Total Slaughter

"Total slaughter/ total slaughter/ I won't leave a single man alive/la-dee-da-dee-died/ Genocide/ La-dee-da-dee-dahd/ An ocean of blood/ Let's begin the killing time."

I guess that's from the dub (Trigun). But, it's quite creepy and addictive. I prefer to call it 'The Killing Time', but I guess it's really 'Total Slaughter'.

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