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I don't want to go to Driver's Ed!

Whaaaarg! That is all.

Oh, and Remus is happily tugging on the hem of my pants and bugging me to do a transformation animation (it rhymes!). We shall see, we shall see. For now, please shut up.

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

You are an exotic beauty who enchants everyone you meet. You have a special love for music and dance. You are very kind to strangers, regardless of appearances, but you don't always see beyond good looks when romance is involved. You have a strong attachment to your community, whether that be made up of family, friends, or both, and you never forget your heritage. Your beauty might attract the wrong sort, so take care that you're not taken advantage of. Luckily you don't die at the end of the Disney movie, although in the book you're hanged.

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