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29 March 2002 @ 11:18 am
My computer is a spastic mouse!  
A spastic fucking mouse on crack. Or something.

I want to kick it! Kick it, I say! But then I know that it definitely won't work... so I don't.

Last night it gave me the Blue Screen Of Imminent Death fifty bazillion times.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... I looooooooove my computer! *huggles the hard drive* Yes, yes! I looooove you! *smoochens*

Ha... I was just about to rant about how my "awful" computer shut itself down before I had the chance to save the beginnings of my lastest silly writings. But I just tried opening up Word and what did I see? A recovered document just for me!

Awww! This is the best present a girl could get!
Current Mood: encouraged