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Ah... welcome home!

I have no idea. But these are the really belated journal entries from "on the road". Just bear with me, ok?

Ha, ok. Number one: hotels are good. Number two: unfamiliar laptops suck. Number three: not having internet access sucks (that Explorer icon on my desktop is so unbelievably tantalizing and fascinating).

Number four: Six Feet Under is a great show. I want HBO, mmmmkay? I want HBO so I can always watch Six Feet Under.

Junk food break. Gimme half a sec, ‘kay?

Ah… I am now equipped with a Hershey’s bar and a bottle of Mello Yello. Hah… I earned it, ok? Yeah… I ran/walked for… maybe… forty to forty-five minutes today. It didn’t help the leg cramp I was blessed with during the nine hour ride down, but… ah well. I still want to do it tomorrow. And the next day. I want a treadmill. Badly. I am so number obsessed. I want to track and control everything. It’s… fun.

Ok, back to SFU. *melts* The weirdness factor alone made me tune in. The Peter Krause factor held my interest. The Michael Hall, cute gay-man factor is keeping me begging for more. Ok… David and Keith were super-sweet. But now I guess they’ve broken up (???) even though it’s so obvious that they still love each other. Mmmm… that one early episode I caught last summer that had that gorgeous image of a trembling and vulnerable (well, kinda) David coming to Keith’s house on Christmas Eve (I think) and they shared this desperate kiss. Oh, so great. And now they’re just exchanging the most charming looks across the room. Eee! And when Keith calls, David just gets this lovey-dovey look on his face. Ahh… sigh…

And then there’s the matter of Nathan. Nate. Oh lord. I want him away from that Brenda woman. Ahhhh! She’s not very pretty. Nice body, icky face, icky-mean personality. I don’t like that character at all. At all. So… who to give to Nate?

*My inner incest kink looks around wildly* Psst. Nathan and David, Nathan and David.

Oh… but… *feels pained* Consensual homosexual incest between brothers? I know I like it… but what about the rest of the world?

Nathan: Oh, fuck the rest of the world. Do whatever the hell you want.

David: Wait, wait, wait… now you don’t want to upset too many people. Can we try to keep this a little bit… um… tame? Tamer?

Nathan: Oh shut up, David.

David: Hey, seizure-boy, do you want my help or not?

Oh, they’re fighting again. Beautifully, yes… but they are fighting. And Federico is trying to slink in between them.

Both “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and “Kill Jerry Garcia” are playing in the background. But not at the same time.

Ruth: “What grade are you in, dear?”
Taylor: “Fourth.”
Ruth: “Oh! David was in the fourth grade once too!”
David: “… it’s true.”
Taylor: “Did you know my Uncle Keith used to be David’s boyfriend?”

Ehheheh… I love having openly (sort of…) gay characters in a series. It almost makes things more interesting. Almost.

And Harry and Remus are practically banging on the metaphysical door trying to get in. Which they really don’t have to do, because I’m sure SFU is a temporary distraction at best. Harry Potter is the kind of obsession that I idly drift in and out of.

Mental note: try to find the hard rock/alternative version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

Then “X-Men” is still my big obsession. So Lance and Pietro needn’t worry either.

Wow… people sure do feel free to talk about anything at all in taxicabs. Oy… I’m not sure how I feel about HBO and this exploitative sex show.

Hmm… maybe I’ll go try out a story idea… (not SFU… I’m not ready to write them yet).

Update: I am now watching The Patriot and remembering those sweet slash bunnies that I had popping up for Gabriel and Thomas.

*Consensual homosexual incest kink fully takes over my consciousness* Not fair, dammit!

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