DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

And another one...

I’m watching that movie, for no reason other than it’s on tv and I’ve got sole control of the remote.

“So, Becky, have you given any thought to what you’ll major in in college?”
“… Gym.”

I’m missing my kitties. Still, tomorrow I will be home! Home to my kitties and my internet connection.
Home for Remus and Harry. Those wimps aren’t big on travel; it seems to really cut into their fuck time. Their written fuck time at least.

Harry: Yeah! *snuggles Remus*

So, Dad… I did tell you not to read this for a reason. I mean, I just wasn’t sure how you’d like to know about your daughter’s fascination with gay men. Or her incest fetish. Or her love for pseudo-pedophiles.

Remus: Hey!

Laguna: Hey!

Kidding! Sort of. Actually I read an article about one of the priests who “coerced” poor teenage boys into sexual affairs.

Harry: We aren’t nearly as coercible as people seem to think

Remus: *with a smirk* Indeed.

Harry: After all, I allowed myself to be seduced by a man old enough to be my father.

Remus: Wait a second…

Harry: One of my father’s best friends, in fact…

Remus: Hey now! *blushes* Leave that alone!

Harry: *thinks a moment* Maybe we are as coercible as people think…

Me: I was wondering…

Harry: But always of our free will…

Remus: Good enough for me!

Harry: It’s just more fun that way.

Heeee-eeey… is that Sting in Arachnaphobia? He is cute. Ah… but better with shorter hair, if I’m right.

Oh, speaking of Sting, (who was in Rose Red, which was written by Stephen King) I just got the new book of short stories by Stephen King at an ungodly price (still in hard-cover, you know). Everything’s Eventual. So far… I’m not majorly impressed. The first story had a highly scary premise, but just didn’t feel right. In other words… not terribly scary. Second story has something to do with the devil, so I’m not nearly as enthusiastic as I should be. Still, Stephen King’s bursts of genius usually seem to be most apparent in his short stories. So I’ll keep reading.

And I think I’ll draw for awhile. I want to try to get up a little early to do some running and get a shower and breakfast before being “awoken" to leave.

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