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30 March 2002 @ 08:15 pm
They're playing... a really good song!  
Ahhh... I can't remember what it's called! But it's on Tim O'Brien's album "The Crossing".

Well... I sound like a real idiot.

And... yes, I know you all want to hear it... our computer is (duhduhduhduhDUH) dead. Couldn't save my mp3s. Didn't bother saving any of my artwork (most of it's backed-up on the web anyway). All my Word documents, however, were saved and are now with me on the laptop. They've all been renamed to include ~ at the end... but I can live with it.

Fuck... he's trying to just clear everything out right now... and it won't recognize the monitor.

That's a good sign.
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: Folk music on WKSU... like I get a choice anymore...