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Nozzle info...

Tickly... want to sneeze...

Anyway... oh, the computer is back home. Dad was pissed that they'd just put ME back, until he read the invoice. Turns out that his copy of XP was corrupt. Ta da! There is almost nothing on our computer. -___-;; He sasy he should have all the programs back up and running by Suday, probably.

Want my scanner. I never realized what a luxury having one was. I have so much stuff that I've drawn that I just want to get online (especially all the new Harry Potter stuff that I've been forced into).

take the Which HPSRPG (DoubleCross) character are you? test

you're draco malfoy
you seem to have clung to the idea that it's better to be disliked than to be forgotten. well, at least people know WHO you are.

Why does this not seem right?

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