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08 April 2002 @ 04:10 pm
Maybe I just want to brag about... this!

Want to Get Sorted?

a Gryffindor!

Mwahaha... it's so pretty. I used to feel guilty for usually getting (and wanting to get) sorted into Gryffindor... until I realized that that's actually pretty accurate. And then I stopped worrying about it.

Always a bit of a toss between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, though. I'm too mean for Hufflepuff and too nice for Slytherin.

Anya said that I'm frightening. I... no. I don't think that's true. But she thinks I'm scary, and she thinks that Mrs. Dzeda is afraid of me. Which is why she gives me an A no matter what.

But I don't think that I'm at all threatening. Alice M. says that she can kick my ass (*snorts* Bring it on...) and even Lisa S. was saying "Oh, I'm not scared of you Stephanie!"

Feedback on this topic? I think it's an odd concept, personally. I mean... I'm weird. I'm not violent or anything.

Find out which Moulin Rouge song you are.

I'm strange!

How much of a freak are you?

The Band Quiz By Rahel
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