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If I have a muse...

Could we kill it? Please, oh please? *cries* Because it's forcing me to make a Remus/Harry shrine.

Me: No, see... there's a reason this is seriously wrong. And that reason is: I haven't updated my other two webpages in ages... (it rhymes!)

Muse-type-person: Indeed... but you would, if you only had your other webs on your computer! Use that excuse!

Me: But it's not a very good excuse! In fact, it's a downright sucky excuse!

Muse: That is soooooo not my problem.

Ohhhh, damn. But it looks really neat so far, with little wolf buttons and everything. And I'm addicted to the name ("What A Piece Of Work Is Man"), which is just so wrong. *hits self* Stop being addicted to concepts! This is why you get made fun of!

Remus is, of course, gloating. We shall see, bitch. *shifty eyes... slinks away*

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