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For your information...

Today was NOT a good day to cook ramen.

I burnt my thumb on the boiling water and could not move it when I did so, or else very hot liquid would have rained down on my toes.

With an icepack on my throbbing digit, I attempted to juggle the bowl and some other inconsiquential thing, thus spilling about half the flavored water onto a pile of magazines (and my right hand).

While attemptig to clean up the mess, my cat decided that was the perfect time to poke the bowl and see if what I had was edible.

I salvaged some of the noodles, but the rest of my lunch went 'kersplat' onto the floor.

So, I watched about 3/4 of 'Chicken Run', went upstairs, and went to sleep for the rest of the day.

What does this teach us?

Do not be flip about ramen the Sunday after a national tragedy.

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