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May I squeal fangirlishly in everone's ears? Really? Good.

Eeeeeeeee! XD Ok... but let me tell you WHY...

I wrote this piece of Harry Potter fiction a scant while back. A slash, Harry/Remus, NC-17 by the name of Thriller. Oh yeah. And for part of the setting, I used a bar called the Hobgoblin. Which is a real bar somewhere in England that I have never been to (I looked it up on the almighty internet with the ever powerful google.com).

So... I went to the thrift store today and, while looking through the t-shirts, I found (duhduhduhDUH!) a Hobgoblin t-shirt! From that pub! In England! But the shirt was in Ohio! Oh man... the squealing that was going on my head...

I bought it, needless to say. I also ended up buying two boxes of Pocky at the Asian Food Store. I've already finished off the first box. ^^;; It's good!

And that is my big news for the day...

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